Friday, June 6, 2008

What does one expect when returning to a place that is home to some of their fondest memories? Surely we cannot expect things to be the same as they were years ago, but of course, selfishly, a piece of us might want that.

It has been 6 years since I skated, sweat, strutted, and stomped the streets of Northam WA. In that time, most or many of my closest friends have moved out of the town (there are still some of my dearest here though). In that time, family tragedies that I was aware of 6 years ago, but never really aware of, have progressed. In that time the actual, physical town, has remained in almost the exact state it was when I was here. This is mind blowing to me, coming from a hometown where the scene changes fairly drastically month-to-month. I have been able to catch up with almost all of the people I so desperately wanted to see: Stephen, Bob, McKracken, Shafen, Rosco, Bussy, Mully, Tybo, Christiane, Holly, Tanya and soon I will see Miccy, Zack, Nikki & others, I have been so pleased to see that these boys have not changed at their core. This is not to say that some present serious cause for worry... many do.

One thing I have noticed, and I almost hesitate to speak about this for fear of seeming to dwell on negatives, but I cannot help but feel that my friends here, know and are surrounded by tragedy, on a significantly larger scale. Tragedy is a strange thing however, it unites groups, and brings people together.

My joy to see my friends has been somewhat bittersweet, Rosco & Bussy came down to Northam to support our friend Ty, whose mother passed away last Sunday morning. I probably would not have seen them, had it not been for this. Ty's mother died of cancer, it was incredibly scary to hear him tell us, when I first arrived, that she had been given about 5 weeks to live, the next day she was down to 2 weeks, then 4 days, and then, one day into that 4, she passed. Tybo has been incredibly strong, but I don't think it has hit him fully. This is sadness that cannot be expressed in words.

But this is also common, since I have left, 3 of my classmates and friends have died, two car accidents, and one suicide, another has been completely paralyzed, limited to a few signs he can make with his fingers.

Nearly every single one of my friends here, has this sort of tragedy, many spend their days taking care of their ailing parents, or helping around the house, as one has passed away. I am not exaggerating, of the 13 names I mentioned seeing above, 7 of them are missing immediate family, or are caring for them as they are unable to care for themselves.

People of Australia, however, are some of the happiest, most celebratory people I know. This is extremely respectable in my eyes. I cannot help but notice, however the amount of substance abuse I have witnessed. It would be inappropriate to go into detail here, but suffice it to say, that I have seen things here, that I never ever expected to see in the flesh.

These things dwell on my mind...

But, please know that I am doing very well (save for a little cold I received from Daniel McCracken, ta brotha)

With love,


notions & potions said...

wellest wishes dearest c. hold your head up high and breathe in the infinite possibilities of your life.

p.s. watch mad max, if you have not seen it. terrible movie, but your will enjoy it for a reasons left to surprise! supposedly all aussies are crazy crazy wankers.

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