Friday, August 22, 2008

Pictchah Post

The following pictures are taken from either here, here, here or here. Because this is a post with just a smattering of pictures that amuse or delight me, I have started with this photograph, one of my favorites, an old classic I say.

I think Tin would like this Ice tray, I can think of a few problems with it... but don't want to be a stick in the mud.

Museum Station in Sydney doubles as a sort of advertising museum, old print ads are displayed in a grubby frame as you wait for the train. Apologies for this being a photo from a phone. I love the Arnott's logo, and many of their delicious products.

Sweet Jantzen type, as well as the MUSEUM station logo.
Apologies for this being a photo from a phone

Few things more Australian than an Akubra.
Apologies for this being a photo from a phone

I love his expression... and his "throw caution to the wind attitude" as well.

Ed first spotted this type on a walk. check out the "A" in American, the one letter is on 3 levels... dimensional type.

One of my favorite signs I saw around Western Australia, Kevin Hawthorne Ninja Schools.

Early mornings often mean Fandango, a breakfast place in Melbourne, I liked this type for their hours.

Hand done metallic type for Geppetto's Italian Restaurant. Seen during a 10k (6.1miles) walk home... Uff da.

Gundagai regional history.

Sweet ghetto blaster, but unfortunately this would not be allowed on Gayner-Hayfield premises.

Yeah fat type.

Classic 'Stralian image.

Olympic Doughnuts, apologizes for the darkness.

Same place, different sign... why are the rings upside down?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mansfield Farm

We arrive at "The Farm" and look over to the snowy mountains in the distance.

This is the back of the house, and the porch where we sat for most of the weekend.

Jessi & Lilly enjoy swinging from a tree in the back yard.

From the porch we can look over the entire dried up lake. If you look at the center of the image, and slightly to the left you can see what remains of a body of water that used to come up to the nearest line of trees. Proof that Victoria/Australia really is experiencing a drought. This view is especially spectacular during sunset.

When we were inside, we lounged in front of the fireplace, whose name is "Darth"

The morning we left, we climbed to the highest hill in the area and this is the view from one of the sides. What a terrifically gorgeous place this is.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Melbourne is a city that loves its parties. But a party is not just a house full of people... a party is a themed, well dressed and well attended event. This party was a fare-well to Melbourne's favorite over sized, screenprinted broadside Is Not Magazine.

Like any prom, a proper preparation is necessary, Tin & Sari primp n' boogie.

Floral hair decorations by Hopie.

Jono gets down, straddling the line between well-dressed playboy & secret service agent... every day.

Luke on the left, fellow yankie Ricardo on the right... matching.

Ed came straight from the footy, and didn't have time to change.

Hopie is in pink, I am in blue.

To end the night off right, Jono somehow gets his hands on some sparklers, but it's a finalé, so the whole box must be lit. Funny how little attention you get until there are sparks flying all around you.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Melbourne Museum

On a lovely afternoon in Melbourne Victoria, Jessica Nelson & Colin Trechter ventured to the Melbourne Museum. After a beautiful lunch overlooking Carlton Gardens we trotted over to spend a couple hours looking at the wonders of the natural world. After paying 5 dollars (which was not only the cheapest entry for the sweetest museum, but also unnecessary; note to future visitors, student ID gets you in free... always remember that jingle). Unfortunately we did not have as long as I would have liked, but their exhibitions on deep-sea creatures, drugs & jungle walk, all were top notch.

apologies for the poor images, my camera refused to stop flashing.

The long squiggly character is a worm.

Spiders on a wall

Insects on pins.

Breathtaking display of beetles, there was a room with three walls all covered in displays like this, I was captivated, and would have paid 5 dollars just to see this.

Starfish & Sea Urchins.

Preserved cephalopod.

Amazing deep-sea fish. If you can, get a good look of 'ol boy on the right's set of chompers.

Otherwise just look at this guys teefs.

Haul ass out of the building... for J Renz.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Closing Chapters vol. I

Because I've been having too much fun and haven't posted photographs in quite some time, I've got about 50 I'd like to share, so over the next couple days/posts, these will be appearing in big 'ol chunkers.

Trough/WOMB/90's Studio Party

These are a few weeks old, but we will start here and see where the paths take us. The photographs shown are from our 6 person 90's party in the studio following the Trough Womb Party but any photographs from the actual party would just be a sweaty mass of topless people amidst pink balloons. So you can just use your imagination.

Sara, Aaron, Tin & mouth-agape Ed.

Aaron gave me a haircut.

Ed gave me a tattoo.

I find this to be a rather humorous photograph, everyone seems sort of frozen in a slow-awkward pose. Take note of Hopie's full body sparkle suit... you'll soon learn, she has great clothing.

Meet Sara, she is really terrific, and in just under a week, she will be uprooted from her home in Melbourne, to go and be Karen Walker's assistant. Sara and a 48 year old woman will be Karen's right hand women, how amazing is that, for a first job?!

This is actually a photo from Sara's birthday party, again, please take note of Hopie's awesome full body zebra suit.

Following an enormous pot-luck style feast (with incredible food, everyone here can cook!) we played a loud and boisterous game of Articulate. Ed was hopeless.