Monday, March 15, 2010

Homesickness from home

I have been missing Minneapolis lately. I have really been missing my friends there. But more truthfully, probably, I have really been missing my friends and myself when we were all there...together

Please don't read this this the wrong way; I'm besotted with my new city, and the people who inhabit it. They are wonderful, they are talented, they are supportive, loving, and in every sense of the word, beautiful.

I am a boy with his heart in two places at once. Or perhaps its not in either of the places I think it is, and instead in the boarder-less dream of a transient existence.

Spurred by nothing obvious I have been having an insatiable craving to spend a night biking my former city of Minneapolis Minnesota. As in previous rides this one could contain a backpack with a few Black Labels, a camera, a time frame of 1am-6am and only a very rough notion of the trail to take.

Since I can't take this journey this second, I'd like to share a few of my favorite photographs of Minneapolis, all of which were taken on a bike ride much like I've spent the day dreaming about (and these past few moments describing).

A night-time view from the always beautiful Stone Arch Bridge

A night-time view from Minnehaha falls Falls

A Wintery view from that majestic Stone Arch Bridge

Again from the Stone Arch at the ruins and the Gold Medal Flour lights

A Minneapolis skyline. Shot for a project with my favorite LA resident

That Minneapolis skyline, from my old neighborhood

Candy & MPLS... Again from the DCL & CST collab.

That very Stone Arch Bridge.