Thursday, February 26, 2009

Senior Project Presentation 01 PDF

If you are interested in killing 20-30 minutes reading about my senior project, I gladly invite you to download or view the PDF here.

I know I said this would be relegated to the tumblr... just couldn't resist.

Also, today was technorific—

Twitter kept me informed all morning,
Subscribed to Scribd
Used Justin's Iphone, subscribed to Punch Tweets, got FREE PUNCH ZA!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

14 peers' web snippets

Above is the first project I have completed for my Critical Studies class, it will possibly be used in my Senior Project as well. It is a 42" x 72" drawing of 14 examples (one from every student in my class*) of linguistic ludicity. As a means to illustrate the importance of manipulating language to reflect our individual thoughts and ideas. The abbreviations, emoticons & interpretations used in the original text are celebrated and their efficiency negated by the laborious act of hand rendering each character. This seeks to counter the notion that these abbreviations and alterations are used solely as means of efficiency.

This is a detail of some of the snippets.

*There are a couple students missing from the list, I used our online responses to get the full names of all of my fellow students, and some had not posted, therefore, were not included)

Thanks to JAN for conceptual direction.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Text & Image


I have been trying to work in a nice (min. of 2hrs) bike ride every week, so far I've managed 3. Below are a few fings found along the way.

George Washington On a Bike (found on President's Day)

A Man befriending a squirrel

The beautiful view from Stone Arch Bridge


I am in the midst of preparing a formal presentation of my goals & intentions for senior project. I will be presenting this informatation on Friday February 20th, 2009: sometime after 1pm in room 414 or 416?

I will find a way to host the PDF I create for the presentation on here, so that if you are interested in seeing what I have been, and will be up to, you can do so.

David Crystal

If I may briefly speak about some recent advancements in my research, I would like to call your attention to a man who is uncannily in touch with something most people half his age don't understand: the importance of linguistic play & manipulation.

More than in touch with it, David Crystal is almost the godfather of the whole notion, inventor of the term Ludic Linguistics (meaning 'linguistic play), The seminal author of texts relating to the importance of how we use internet and text-message abbreviations, as well as a plethora of other linguistic-related articles.

I was fortunate enough to discover his work last Friday. I promptly sent him an email, to which he responded with endless helpful suggestions and places to look. I am truly grateful to have found his work, and consider him amongst the most exceptional minds in his field.

I highly recommend anyone with an interest in language, to read his very accessible & very insightful texts: articles, books & blog.


This is a water color of a giraffe that I painted last year, I don't think I shared it publicly, so here you go!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Breakdown

I've always felt like posting my current youtube fav's on here is kind of like hearing that Rodney King got arrested again, you might look into it a little, but really, few care.

But this doesn't satisfy my compulsion to at least attempt to share these great songs and motion pictures with you. So allow me to publicly announce:


I've had this thing for a while, but never really used it. (The first 6 or so posts are extremely random, and illustrate me learning how to post different things... possibly good for a chuckle if you care to look). It seems to me to be the perfect place to host my curated pieces of pop culture past & present.

I am hoping that this blog will now play host to some more interesting and engaging content.

I am also toying with using my website as a means to document the process of my Senior project, updating that frequently, and again, refining the content of this here anti-declaration.

We'll see how these go.

For the very few of you who would care to see what is tickling my pop-culture fancy, please check back frequently to:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


As many of you know, Australia (specifically, Victoria) is experiencing some of the worst bushfires they have ever seen. Photographic evidence of this inferno can be found here. I have been especially worried this week, as the fires have been getting within 50 miles (close enough for government-ordered evacuation) of the Beloved Cecil farm. Although my dear friends and family are not at serious risk of physical harm, to lose this beautiful piece of architecture would positively break my heart, and the only way I could possibly cope, would be to offer my services in rebuilding. Its a promise Tim & Rachel.

This image (is almost too much) from Jono>lookcaitlin>BBC? Amidst such tragedy, an amazing moment of tenderness, from a creature who is never this friendly.

You are all in my thoughts Victoria.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Senior Project

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

From Canadian Design Resource

A target on the Goalie mask, the ultimate effue to any shooter.

Cannuck's Goaltender Gary Bromley.

For anyone with an appreciation in Hockey, Design, Masks/Helmets, Sweetness, Historical Athletics and/or 1980's era Goalie's-as-art directors:

The Canadian Design Resource,
Canadian Goalie Helmets of the 1980's

Click that link, and work your way back for all the posts, there are about 5 examples.

I've been really loving Hockey this winter, watching it on TV is sort of fun, but going to a game... that is an experience. When I watch live hockey, it is hard for me to understand why I left the sport (one look at my wrists gives a pretty good hint). Hockey gets in your blood like smack... and I feel its a lifelong addiction, one that grabs hold every time it confronts you. I look forward to getting back on blades and slappin' some stick in the near future.