Wednesday, October 28, 2009

People Collective

The worst part about having to pick a new name for the studio Aaron & I have set up here in downtown Melbourne, is telling everyone that... actually we're not The Union Graphic any longer.
Due to some legal issues (ha!) we were not able to register our business as The Union Graphic.

The good news, however, is
that we have registered a new name, hired an accountant, and thanks to said accountant, even have our Australian Business Number! People Collective was born on Tuesday, October 13th 2009. We have been very busy between setting/sprucing up our studio, projects & taking care of all the business loose-ends. This weekend we are planning a little op-shop trip in a white combie van (hopefully heads devoid of zombie)

Check back soon for photographs of my newly discovered ride to work (through a farm!! Thanks Isobel!) and our studio, all set up and furnished.