Thursday, January 31, 2008


•Woke up, 5 minutes to get to work.
•Unproductive day at the learning center, nothing but reading blogs and looking at pretty things
•Flustered meeting with Emmet, what am I doing?
•A very quick manifesto:

I don’t see eliminating specific aspects or elements as a productive means for creation, instead morals and concepts should be the focus, thus allowing an adaptable guideline.

The current problems in graphic design, reflect current problems nationally and globally, they include:

-A global ignorance (ignore as in a refusal to accept & ignore as in stupidity)
-A lack of morality, concept and originality
-A general feeling of inflated importance (ego)
-An unwillingness to listen fully, collaborate

Every single project (regardless of scale, distribution or any other factor) should be approached with the following in mind:

-You are just a designer. You are a nameless, faceless, identity-less influence on your community, society and perhaps the world
-Environmental Impact
-Formalities and basic rules (even when ignored, should be understood)
-Significance of each element (why/how did you chose to ___________)
-Various levels of complexity (to offer something to a broad range of viewers)
-Timelessness (is there a reliance on trend and style, is that ok?)

All work should be approached with the understanding that much of it will end up as garbage, thrown away in some manner or another.

•I wrote an email to Tom Garrett about the inflated class sizes, 5 minutes after sending it he came in, and told me we'd be moving into the classroom across the hall, which is bigger. Tom is awesome.
•I wrote a 5 page list of my dream future. It will be doubled soon
•Saw two documentaries, one about a boy in Iraq, with AIDS and no help. Very ethereal in a most tragic way.
•Watched a banned documentary, "FRAT HOUSE" (1998) about the process of getting admitted into a Fraternity, such a disgusting reflection of humanity. I don't ever want to chant anything ever again.
•Sammy Smith and Jest Red.
•Garreth Investigates!
•Perhaps some productivity?!

Things Magazine is a thirst quencher fo' sho'! I'm a sucker for this shit, such a sucker. Just go to PROJECTS and you'll understand.

Thanks OWEN!

This is a Map of the Political Blogosphere... yes yes yall, ya don't stop.


This is the front, the back is too sad for me right now. TTYL.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


•3 Sweet hours of slumber
•Midway meeting, thankfully the theme is not Riot... thankfully
•Internship is greengogetgoing
•Lots of interneting and reading in the L.C. today.
•I really really want a pizza with tons of onions, jalepeños & green peppers on it
•1 bowl of Cheerios, 1 bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 1 hotham&cheese bagel, sorry Sammy, I was just really fatigued and it was there and I couldn't help myself, but then I did.
•Manipulations and Interpretations of the English language in found objects
•I'll be played by Ryan Gosling... honored?
•Margie will be played by David Spade... ha!
•Studio time, I've.... yes, I really have missed you.
•Apparently Born in the USA is too sweet of a song to be a free ring tone, so true, but I'd still like it as my alarm.

This is my final animation from Motion Graphics. It is a terribly pixelated intonation piece using sound from a Godspeed You! Black Emperor song.

Jeff just sent me this, his newest poster, sweet!


•Thank you for leaving your leftover Pancho Hannah, I ate it for breakfast and it was awesome
•I was late to class, again.
•I was late because I was singing in the shower
•Lots of love for lake street signage
•My mind is racing faster than it ever has, I am more overwhelmed, enthusiastic, frightened, thirsty and wracked than ever. There is a supernova in my head
•Dylan took me to get my camera, ITS FIXED!
•Sleeping is giving in/no matter what the time is/sleeping is giving in/so lift those heavy eyelids
•Pasta once, pasta twice
•lovely convo and hang time with the KRF&DCL
•COMCAST CAN ONLY BE STOPPED BY: This absurdly cold weather
•Studio time until 3:41a
•Hand rendered info graphics... I will play with this more
•Cheshire Cat was a great album, Cacophony and Carousel... SWEET!
•please help me think of a domain name

Michael Beirut wrote recently about the designer (?) Ernst Bettler, This article is fantastic, its one of those stories you love to hear. You know, HUGE FOLLIES, EXTREME EMBARRASSMENT, AND BY MAJOR PUBLISHERS.

If you are unfamiliar with the story of Ernst Bettler, I highly suggest you familiarize yourself with it.

We are of a common people, a common pooping people. We are not so different, sure our toilets might change a little, but we all use them, some form of them, check out these toilets around the world.

This is the work of my little brother Jeffery Trechter, this is his second feature on my blog. He was working on some shirt designs for a group he started at the River Falls High school called Global Change and Awareness. This boy makes me proud.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


•Milio brought me breakfast
•Wrote response to Unknown White Male & an outline for MPLSBEERCULTURE
•More web sketches
•Big bowl of cereal, butterfingers, so many chips with bean dip & salsa
•Pancho Villa with H and then back to webtime
•Computer too full
•Goodbye (just from computer, not ipod) ladytron, microphones and hundreds of unnamed
•Division of Laura Lee is pretty cool, but the song Trapped In is really cool
•Mostly a work day, not a blogworthy day.

This is This is our work which is Riley Hooker, an MCAD grad who is really awesome. He seems to have gotten to work with some sweet clients and he has a nice range of work.

I've been looking for a domain name. I really liked the idea of having but someone has it, and it just redirects to that sight above... dammit.

This is from the Gerrit Rietveld Graphic Design Department Blog Page Who wouldn't want to keep up to date with them? I have seen a few images as of late where books are spelling things out, and the image is driven by the content. As in this image, this is a poster (or flyer) for a presentation about books. Makes sense.

This is an illustration I did last October. I used it for a poster and an illustration assignment, and now a blog post... shameless.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


•Wake up to Move On Up
•WatchUnknown White Male. Highly Recommended
•Webtime wif HMH/sketches of website/splash&mock-up pages
•Compuwork time wid AEGNHMHNCST
•Fat Tires
•Hello Jon!
•Bike ride to Dylans, oh beautiful beautiful bike riding
•Bike ride to Uptown. "Minneapolis' greatest bloody mary"=totally mediocre bloody mary
•Paranormal States at la casa de lathrop
•True Stories

Hello Jeremy Pettis, my name is Colin, and I like your work. I wish I had created your senior show with the animal alphabet, well done.


Culiblog is: Food, food culture, food as culture and the cultures that grow our food And a great blog for people who like eating, and the earth, people that like ecological eating.

Quinta-Feira (I believe translates to Thursday in Portuguese) is a graphic designer in Brassil. Alot of colorful illustrative work, but according to an interview with him, Brassil will be a major force in THE NEW VERNACULAR which is what I am calling the impending influx of designers from every corner of the globe, throwing their work into an enormous pool and all influencing, informing, copying, plagiarizing, rebelling, and collaborating with one another. what an exciting future we have in store!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


•Wake up on the couch
•Read 'The World Without Us' Beautiful, recollections of late afternoon romps through the gully in my backyard, lost amongst the moss. Descriptions of beautiful Polish Forests.
•Speaking of Forests, the Black one, but not the real one, the one with Gösser Dark.
•More feelings of: 'too much life to live' I must:
--+Live off the land for an extended period of time
--+Volunteer for an extended period of time
--+Visit monumental forests and historic landmarks
--+Acomplish and vistit more places than can be spoken of here
•Plans are made to find The Goliath of Bedlam
•CD doesn't come out 'till Tuesday, drat
•See Dylan's new place for the first time. Lovely: person, place & time.
•Went to MATT'S, got a Sierra Nevada, (Bloody Mary strikeout #1)
•Went to 'Career Ender' at the Walker (thanks so very much Abi)
•Back to the Apt. to Pre-P with Kate and Dyllie
•to Jasmine 26, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ IZ Z1!
•Jasmine 26=Bloody Mary strikeout #2
•Black Forest, (Back to the Forest) BLOODY MARY HOMERUN X2!)
Dylan hangs for some conversation, did I mention I love this kid, good stuff! See you tomorrow!

This is Newsmap
. It is a dope way to see, and find news, that is current, and relevant to what you wanna see.

Thats a cool bike. I found this whilst searching for a good image to send to my friend Brenda as she moved off to San Francisco. Brenda is back, and its good to see her.

This is Martin Woodtli, Awesome. Interact/Redesign/Construct
Bleeding Appendages (When All Is Said and Done)

I have several bleeding appendages I refuse to wrap them in bandages because the color they produce defines my existence and I can see my reflection in the pool on my skin and with longer inspection I am tempted to dive in and the excitement of the pain washes the discomfort away I watch the fading of my vein now I do the blood. loss. sway.

Old Poem. This may prove to be a regrettable post, thankfully its only the three of you that see this blog, and if/when I do decide to remove it, no one will be any the wiser!

I've always wanted this website to exist, here is As-Found a collection of sometimes neat-o images.

This is a drawing I made for a friends band, they released a split. The split was called King of Cats, its a lion, a regal lion.


•Practice professional practice presentation? I think not
•Spyhouse instead
•Avacado/Swiss/tomatoe/lettuce/turkey/mustard sammich
•Song for the Asking•Crunchety chips
•I enjoyed seeing classmates work, almost everyone showed work I'd never seen, TIGHT!
•Saw Sammy for first time in DAYS, strep throat, poor boy, gone to Iowa•Some hang time with Nick, Susan, Gail, Sammy, Kari, Amalia and Ben
•waited for about 1.5 hours for Scott at his surprise birthday party
•Juicy, Lindsay Lohan, Ms. Jackson, Backstreet Boys & Still D.R.E.
•Crazy Stallion!
•La Crosse Lager
•Dylan and I are gon' brew some beer!

These are some typographic splashes by Joan Trochut. A type designer from Spain (I believe) who died in 1980, however is grandson (who apparently never met him) is Alex Trochet a type designer in Spain. His work is ok, but He digitized his Grandfather's typefaces, a rather interesting project, I am curious as to what Joan would say about Alex's work, which usually looks like this:

Real flashy and all but I think a little less interesting than what he did with his grandfather's type.

This is Breathing Earth I assume many have seen this, but it is:

A) an interactive, huge scale media piece, I am a huge sucker for those
B) interesting, ever evolving and maybe something to consider as we choose places to visit and move to.

Andrew Maynard Architects is an amazing Australian sustainable Architect, however they have created this bicycle. IT IS A $35 DOLLAR BICYCLE! Please look at all of the inspiring and beautiful work on their website

So I didn't mean for this post to be all green or preachy or anything... sometimes life gets ya thinking, ya know.

And to keep with my theme of predictability and hand drawn type, this is a poster/flyer I made for first avenue last year... I'm not sure why I am so partial to this piece but I am, and I'll share it, again.

Friday, January 25, 2008


•GD3 Homework typed in the hours before class
•A brisk ride to Treehaus Records
•The search for Silver Mt. Zion & Godspeed You! Black Emperor on vinyl continues
•AziATM›Jasmine›Mock Duck Spring Roll & Mock Duck Sandwich, X-TRA PEANUT SAUCE PLZ!
•Messy eats and spipy peanut sauce seeping into my new,deep cut in index finger
•E.Byrne suggests ideation tools to finalize my Exhibition proposal
•Leave class early, moral struggle GAY BEAST N' DAN DEACON -or- Class? Class won.
•Heaviest class ever, (see below re. the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo
•1st conference call, and first girl bickering during conference call experience
•HMH claims couch


The Democratic Republic of Congo is a nation plagued by war, it has been for the past thirteen years. It is one of the most hideous and horrifying civil wars in the history of civilization, the land is sliding into chaos as rebel militias overtake villages, rape and kill. This is hardly the tip of the Iceberg unfortunately. The soldiers in place to protect the villages have also taken to routine extortion, and rape. The actual numbers are very hard to obtain, however, hospitals are overcrowding with the small percentage of women to can make it to their safety. Most are not that lucky, after suffering gang rapes, in excess of 25 men at times, women are subjected to unimaginable mutilation and abuse.

+There have not been as many casualties of war since WWII
+Upwards of 30 percent of the women in hospitals are infected with HIV/AIDS
+After the raping and mutilation, these womens own families and husbands reject them, they are forced to fend for themselves, and their children, often in excess of 5
+Rapists use it as a method of war, sparring no one, victims rang from 4years old to women well into their 80's

This is only a fraction of the information, but this is something everyone should be aware of, It is breathtakingly horrible. Please Please Please find out more.

+The Greatest Silence A Documentary on the subject
+An Article on the topic
+The Panzi Hospital of Bukavu The primary hospital caring for victims
+United Nations Mission in the Congo (MONUC)
the UN effort to assist the women of the DRC

I believe it is extremely important that we educate ourselves and one another on this topic, as it is entirely unacceptable, this is the 21st century, we should be so far beyond this.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


•Awake 'til 6:30 last night, welcome back
•Slept on couch
•9 hour shift in the Learning Center
•4 servings of maple oatmeal
•2 bags of chips
•13 delightful Jelly Belly morsels
•Dylan and Colin are Beer buddies
•Search for cheap NYC tickets
•So many baby carrots
•First 'design' of the semester
•Mary McDunn loves her Ipod
•Call me Smithers
•Just got another bag of chips

Bless the Boss & this intriguing video for the greatest song ever recorded.
The subtitles are so perfect, Bruce would love it.

Bussy, Stebie C and Ross Circa 2002.

Shafen, Stef and Stebie C Circa 2002.

Stebie C, Ross' Mum, Ross, ?, Bussy circa 2002.

Stephen Caruana (Stebie C) Stephen Buss (Bussy) Shafen & Malachai Rolfe (Not Pictured, but nicknamed Mully) were my best friends in Australia. Stumbled across these flattering party pixxx and got extremely excited to see these folks again this summer. Infinite stories... infinite.

This is the tip of the Iceberg for what David Pidgeon and his Posse can do, pretty ingenious typographic explorations here. Oh and did I mention, dudes and Aussie.

Thank you Jocelyn for this sweet sweet cross stitch.


-Awake to: Beauty, initially, and a significant slump later, worst since the 80's?!
-Incredibly engaging class, again.
-Terrific Ideation Beginning at 1am and continuing until Midnight
-mmm mmm mmm
-toasted pita, tomatoes, hummus, Swiss, sprouts, lettuce, sauteed onions, jalapeños
-free T.B.
-Strawberry Jam, loud
-Anthony Fucking Warnick Lived in Australia same time as me!
-Speaking of Aus, R.I.P Heath Ledger
-R.I.P. Rob sign
-Rip-off of Kilimanjaro magazine
-walk to hmh n' zp walk to peninsula walk back to hmh n' zp walk home
-8 Mile
-Fun website Ideas
-Ideas Ideas Ideas

Jeff Trechter Untitled June 2006

I made this quite a while ago. Horribly obvious statement.

Clever puns, written in complete monotone.

Amos Goldbaum makes SICK SICK SICK drawings, just absolutely fucking awesome, I have his book, that was published at Grinnell College, you should ask to borrow it. In the interim, Do yourself a favor and check this Iowa Drawist out!

It is times like these that I feel the $5 I paid for this heavily highlighted and marked up copy of Thomas Friedman's The World Is Flat just isn't enough. The funny part is, that this little outburst of offense doesn't seem to occur again in this book.

This book is full of hilarious puns, and GORGEOUS illustrations, I'll crack it open for you later, until then, enjoy the pretty cover, and adorable little man gracing it. Thank you immensely Aimee for this wonderful present.

Perhaps this is an attempt to solve a mystery. I found this little gem over the summer, I was of course thrilled, and promptly created a new hotmail account and emailed I was pretty aware that the whole thing was a joke, but hoped that we could both just play a long with the joke for a while. But you never got back to me, get back to me, my name is Arthur Paulson, and my email is come forward.