Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Its not even a debate anymore dude.

In 1,040 characters I will add my embarrassingly tardy two cents to the twitter debate (& naturally, create a compounded twitter term: “twitterate”). There are three main reasons I Tweet. I have already published the first so I will focus on the remaining two.

Twitter is like any other creative/expressive environment, be it YouTube, a blog, a poetry journal, or a freestyle battle; some participants excel & create intriguing/entertaining expressions that utilize the limitations, & others author predictable, drab or unfortunate writings.

Twitter is an opportunity to share anything, poetically, practically or otherwise. One can choose to document and publish the seemingly small aspects of life (there was a time when “appreciate the little things” was an oft recited line). Or one can report from the front-line (preferably with a link to more information).

I don’t believe everyone should tweet, but for those interested & inspired, it is/can be, far more than a 140 character window for journaling your life, or it can be just that.