Thursday, June 26, 2008


I feel as though this has been something that has been brewing in my mind for some time now, I (and everyone else) have been complaining about the lack of "news" especially in mainstream media. The news is not news any longer, it is drama, what makes headlines is negative, scary, filtered, and has an agenda. Its not just American media, its everywhere. There are alternatives to mainstream media of course, but why are we settling for this?

After watching Sarah Watt's Look Both Ways last night, I felt as though there is potential in a publication that focuses on both real news, but real news that is not all negative.

Now, before I go any farther, I would like to say that the last thing I want this to be is some sort of cheesy, happy-go-lucky publication that ignores or denies that there is tragedy and sorrow in the world, however I think there is enough coverage of that. I would like to see a publication that reports on advances in sciences, the discovery of new creatures, new cultural institutions, amazing concerts, funny stories, maybe a more literary direction, interviews, and so on and so forth, not just kittens getting saved from trees or whatever obligatory "uplifting" story the nightly news throws in their mix.

Watt's film followed several characters in an intertwined story of tragedy, some are paranoid some are depressed, all of them are tied together by one accident, and throughout the entire movie we are reminded of how much negativity surrounds us. It is not total debbie downer movie though, it picks up at the end. I think the flick was the last little push I needed.

So I present:

Now, the irony here, is that there is no good news... in the above image, that is partly because I had somewhat of a shitty day today (because I lost one of my $30 plugs down the drain, and then spent $30 on a new pair that don't fit, and I keep dropping everything) aaaaaand partly because this is just a rough sketch, a quick mock up to get an idea down.

I am not in a huge rush to make this, but if anyone is interested in collaborating on this sort of publication or has any ideas or suggestions please drop me a line, I am open to any and all thoughts or comments.

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