Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Break Project #1

This is what I have so far, on a typeface I am working on. I have discovered (or been reminded again) of how long it takes to draw a vector character from scratch. But it has been rewarding— and once you get started, things begin to cascade and come more quickly.

This is a type style that I have been drawing in pencil for some time and then redrew with a (sort of) full character set for a project that Liz & I collaborated on for our Systems class/the MCAD Service Bureau.

I am sort of going about this randomly, initially I was just focusing on capitol case characters, however I have also sketched a few lower case, we'll see, this could very well become a long-term/ongoing project.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Again & Agin
Rule of thumb — never watchin' that vidja ya posted on yo blog.


Well since this blog takes naps, between posts
and viewers are unlikely
pay much
attention anyhow

lets talk about elation
Italian Disco

great dance

the best computer music in germany

how old are you?

dance and eat an iced cream

livin' in the moment of a dream


liz please note the singers hat, I knew it was cool.

Thank god for an endless supply of this.
To think that pop culture is representative of a culture's current values, tendencies & preferences, fascinating.

Monday, December 1, 2008


This is an example of a homographic collage. There will be a few of these in each installment of my publication entitled 'elaborate'. Do stay tuned!