Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bloggin' From A PC


Because this computer is giving me trouble, and because its almost out of battery, I will keep this post brief. Also, I cannot get the pictures to show in the correct order, so I have numbered them, but they do not appear sequentially. Here is what I have been up to.


Went to see Daniel (cousinnephewcousinsecondcousinthriceremoved) play soccer, they didn't win, but the "Man of the Match" certainly earned his title, well done Daniel.


Beautiful Western Australia, as we begin to land in Perth, I am shaking with excitement. Special thanks to the lubly Christiane for picking me up at the airport. (And a happy birthday)


A lovely little lunch with Andrew (far right) Daniel (middle) and Tahlia following Daniel's game.


From left to right this time, Stephen Caruana (in the sling) Bob & Shafen, I have missed these boys somethin' seriously fierce.


Stephen broke his collarbone playing Aussie Rules Footy, this happened at about the same time my plane touched the ground. Christiane and I went and picked him up from the hospital that evening, and Stebie C put he and I up in this hotel for the night. The hotel got robbed while we were sleeping, Stephen heard it, rather exciting.


This is Northam, the old stomping grounds from 6 years ago, Almost nothing has changed, minus a lot of good people have left, I just can't understand why....

Expect a more 'fleshed out' post in a few moons.


H_M_H said...

holy hell that photo from the plane is fantabulous. I'm a tid bit confused by the gentlemen in a speedo, grabbing at his *ahem* but I imagine you can explain that one to me some otha time. Glad to see your having a wonderful time Cawlboo. We are so close, yet so far awayyyyyyyyy xoxo

anthony said...

oh god i miss wa