Thursday, June 19, 2008

what a great night


Some time has elapsed. The lack of postings does not reflect a lack of activity, in fact the opposite is true. I have been riding a magnificent roller coaster and now is the time to share some of my experiences with you.

Over the next few posts I will share with you, roughly 45 images whittled down from over 600, of my exploits, endeavors and entertainment. I would also like to post some of the songs that will forever remind me of this trip, and if I could I'd post scents as well I would. The music I post is not necessarily music I have fallen in love with here, but it will, regardless of how bad it is, forever bring me right back to Western Australia.

So here it is, chronological order:

Following a wild night on the town in Northam, Bob (far right) Stebie Caruana, Daniel McCrackin, Glen Patton & Chris Rosendale and myself headed back to Bob's farm, here all of us (except Chris and I) can be seen sitting, on a couch in the Woodard rec room. We did not need more beer, but it was free, and about to expire...

This is Glen "Patto" Patton, he is insane, here he is seen eating an entire cube of billiards chalk, he also ate glass.

This is Stephen, he is playing a challenging game of darts.

This is also Stephen, this is why the game was challenging.

This is an adorable picture of McCracken and Chris, Chris is sleeping.


Stephen took me to the zoo with Letecia, we spent a half day there and I photographed nearly every animal, these are some of my favorites pictures and animals.

Of course I had Nick in mind for much of this excursion, but I thought he'd especially enjoy these guys, my favorite is the very fat, scowling guy at the top of the picture.

These 'rangas were havin' a blast, the one under the tarp was rolling around and wrapping itself as it tumbled down hills.

It is ripping into flesh, sweet.

Penguins are cute, and kinda shy.

This is a start, check back soon for a continuation.

P.S. New plan, I'm moving to WA in a year, working on the mines and paying my mom and dad and the bank back for school.


This is aussie through and through. I do love these boys: the Hilltop Hoods, they have a sweet cd with the Sydney orchestra. I love that their accents are prominent and their lyrics are drenched in 'stralian. Drinking, fighting frolicking.

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whitney said...

in highschool my nickname was mcracken because when I bent over my crack would show...

misss you.