Sunday, June 22, 2008

they BLANKED each other's BLANK


Following two nights out in Perth, Zack and I woke up at 4:30 am to go out on a boat so he could surf, his lovely pal Joel took us out on his sweet sweet boat, this is us leaving the bay in perth, its about 7:45 in the morning here.

There is a stencil under this bridge, and I swear its Randy Newman.

Or maybe its Jerry Seinfeld

Yes please!

These are some waves where the boys surfed while Tanya and I sat on the boat getting progressively more and more sea sick.

This is a Jellyfish swimming up to our boat.

This is Tanya and I, holding a Jellyfish.

This is a Jellyfish on my head.


This dreadfully catchy tune will probably fall upon deaf ears to those of you with your nose in the air, and I don't blame you, if it didn't have some sentimental value to me, I'd probably write it off as catchy tune not to be taken as anything more, but listen to it 20 times and tell me it isn't the first song you want to find a free copy of and play over and over (with headphones on of course). One must love the Robert Smith-esque voice and especially the little stutter when he says "I want some down tuh-ime..." yes, pure pop genius.

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Liz said...

serious LOL at the jelly fish on your head