Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Break Project #1

This is what I have so far, on a typeface I am working on. I have discovered (or been reminded again) of how long it takes to draw a vector character from scratch. But it has been rewarding— and once you get started, things begin to cascade and come more quickly.

This is a type style that I have been drawing in pencil for some time and then redrew with a (sort of) full character set for a project that Liz & I collaborated on for our Systems class/the MCAD Service Bureau.

I am sort of going about this randomly, initially I was just focusing on capitol case characters, however I have also sketched a few lower case, we'll see, this could very well become a long-term/ongoing project.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Again & Agin
Rule of thumb — never watchin' that vidja ya posted on yo blog.


Well since this blog takes naps, between posts
and viewers are unlikely
pay much
attention anyhow

lets talk about elation
Italian Disco

great dance

the best computer music in germany

how old are you?

dance and eat an iced cream

livin' in the moment of a dream


liz please note the singers hat, I knew it was cool.

Thank god for an endless supply of this.
To think that pop culture is representative of a culture's current values, tendencies & preferences, fascinating.

Monday, December 1, 2008


This is an example of a homographic collage. There will be a few of these in each installment of my publication entitled 'elaborate'. Do stay tuned!

Sunday, November 30, 2008



Sunday, November 23, 2008

"MGMT of 2009"

as dubbed by Jeffus.

stoopidly infectious.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


For my class Reading & Writing Memoirs, we were asked to make a comic about a childhood memory that involves food. This comic was a task when I had to work on it at 5:30am, but it was pretty fun... they say its never to late to follow your dreams.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


For the past 8 years, I have sat comfortably in a chair of discontent, disgust, hopelessness and shame. I do mean comfortably though, it has been easy to loath most of the folks in Washington. As I watched Barack Obama become my new president last night, I thought how incredibly strange it was to feel proud, excited, hopeful and to look at this man, who will be running my country, in complete and utter admiration.

I would like to continue this self righteousness now, and show you how gracious, classy & supportive the Democratic party is. Please watch the first thirty seconds of the first video and then go the second video, and watch it, pay attention starting at about 2:20.

John McCain Concession Speech Nov. 4 2008

Barack Obama Acceptance Speech Nov. 4 2008

And again I swell with pride!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thanks Sammy, this old ad has combined two things I am quite fond of, I think I might start buying that black label stuff.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama Letterhead remix

This is an Erik Brandt original— counter-form letterhead for Barack Obama.

This is a quick extension, an alphabet based on Erik's original, and... what is perhaps, a little declaration.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

1,387 Homographs

Form my Publication Design class, we have been asked to create a publication about a collection. I will be creating a publication about the collection of 1,387 homographs in the English language.


[hom-uh-graf, -grahf, hoh-muh-] Show IPA Pronunciation
a word of the same written form as another but of different meaning and usually origin, whether pronounced the same way or not, as bear1 “to carry; support” and bear2 “animal” or lead1 “to conduct” and lead2 “metal.”

1800–10; homo- + -graph

Please excuse* the insane and awful hard returns, this is a copy from a PDF, I was too excited to share this extensive list, and have not yet been able to correct these hard-returns

a abject abominate abrogate absent abstract abuse accent access accumulate accumulating acerbate acetate ache acuminate adage addict addle adduct adulterate advert affiliate affix affricate affright affrontee agape agate agglomerate agglutinate aggregate airt alert alliterate allograph alloy ally alow alternate aluminate amalgamate ambuscade ament amphibole ana androgyne angulate animate annihilate ano- antedate antiquate appellate appropriate approximate arbitrage arbor arcuate are arithmetic arm arsine articulate as asperate asphalt aspirate associate at attenuate attribute aught augment auto autumn ava aver avoirdupois avow awe bach badge ballet ban baric baronet base basilic bass bat Batak bath bay bear beer begin benet bewet bewound bifurcate bilbo bingy birr bisect bitt blackguard blast blazon blea bleep bliss bombard boree bosch boule bourgeois bouse bow bowed bower bowing bowman bow-wow Brahminee brede breech bridgeward brier brod brogue brune bunter bus bye-bye caller cameline camphorate canard cannonade capelet caper capo capot carbonate carinate cashier cassie castline cave caxon celibate certificate chaffer cham chape chara chasse chatty chela chicken chickling chilly chimer china chisel chloroform choke choky choom chore cinch circumstance cleanly clique close coacervate coadunate coagulate cobbled cohort coiffure colleague collect collegiate Collins comb comber comginate come commensurate commerce compaginate compassionate complement complex complicate compliment complot composite compound con concentrate concert concinnate concise concorporate concrete conditionate conduct confect confederate conferruminate confine conflate conflict congenerate congest conglomerate congress conjugate conner conscript consolate console consolidate consort constellate construct consummate contaminate contest contract contrast convenable convent converse convert convict convoy co-operate co-ordinate coot cor coralline cordelle corduroy coronal coronate corporate correlate corroborate corrugate cos cosh Cottonian counterbalance counterbore countercharge countercheck countermand countermark countermine countermure countersign countersink countervail coup cover coxswain crenate crinite cross-bar crotal crutched cube cumulate curvet cuscus cuss cust cylindroid daff dagga dam dead debark declinator decollate decollator decolorate decompound decorate decree decussate deflorate defoliate degenerate degradation delegate deliberate demurrer denominate denudate depute descant desert desertless desiccate designate desolate desperate deviate di- diallage diaxon dictate Dieter diffuse digitate dilate dimidiate dinge disappropriate discolorate discorporate discount discriminate dishort disue dit ditch do Dominican donate downcast download dozen drawer dully dupe duplicate echelon edulcorate effeminate effuse egress ejaculate elaborate elater elect electioneer electron elongate email emancipate emarginate emasculate embattle embattling en enervate enfold ensign entrain entrance environ equivocate erase escort espalier essay estimate evertebrate eviscerate evolute exarticulate excerpt excise excommunicate exculpate excuse exenterate expatriate exploit export extract extrovert faro fasciate fastigiate fat federate fenestrate ferment festino fete feu fibrillate fiddle-faddle filibuster filler financier fine fissure fist flagellate flageolet flaught fleer flocculate flores flower fluey floia foliate folio fond footer footling footy foraminate forearm forecast foredoom forego forelook foreshadow forestall foretaste foretoken foretype forficulate formicate fornicate forpise forte forthcoming fracture freckle French frequent frontal frustrate fulyie furry fuse gala Galician gallant gaIly gam ganging gare garn geal gee gelation generate genial geniculate gib gibber gill gillie gimmer gimp gin gip giro gisement gist glacial go-ahead graduate grano grave gravure grease grenadine grind guilt gyrate habituate hangul hate haver heathery heavy Hebe heller hem heterogenic heterotransplant hin hist hockey hoe homogenic homotransplant hon hospitate house houseling how hue hum hump hydrate hypo illegitimate illuminate imbricate impersonate implant implicate import importunate impregnate impress imprint impropriate impugnable incarcerate incarnate incavate incense incensed incensing incentre inchoate incident incise income incorporate incrassate increase incrustate incurvate incurve indent indurate inebriate infatuate infill inflow infuriate ingenerate initiate inlaw inlay inlayer inlet inlying insect instar instinct insulate insult intaglio integrate interact interchange intercommmunicate intercross interflow interlace interlay interleaf interline interlink interlock intermediate interpenetrate interpolate intersect interspace interwound intimate intoxicate intricate introvert invalid invert inveterate invigorate invite irony irradiate irrorate isolate Italianate iterate i-wite jagged jam jasper jaundice joing jour jube jubilate junker ka kanga kayak kidnap lacerate lacet lactate ladino laminate lamp-black larum laser lathing laud laureate lead leading leaning lease leasing lech legitimate lesson levant levee liard lineate lingy lis live lived liver locking logie longer loon loop lough loup louse low lubricate lunate lunellunger lupine lustring mahoe maigremail maire majo malappropriate mamma manch mandate marginate marinade marish martinet Martini massage mast matai match math matriculate mattress maun mayoral mazard mediate melon merchandise mero- mese mesic meson metamorphose metope metrometer metroscope mezzo mi middling millet mind miniate minute minutely misuse mitis mobile moderate moellon moho moko mole moly monish mono monte moory moped mora morgue Mosan mot mouse mouth mouther mouthing mow mowing moya mug Mullerian multiply muriate mush mutate mutilate mysticete nada nan nana nark narra nasty necropsy needle neigher nestling nitrate nog none norther nuance nucleate obdurate oblate obligate obliterate obstinate obumbrate odic offset ohm ole opiate ordinate ornament osculate osmic osmund other ouch outbreak outlaw outlay outpour outreach outshoot outwatch outwind outwork ovate overcall overcast overcharge overfall overflow overfold overhaul overheat overlap overlay overload overlook overlord overman overmount overpaint overpoise overpraise overreach overrun overshoot overstock overstrain oversway overthrow overthwart overtone overturn over-use overweight overwork overwrap ovulate ow oxalate pace paled palliate palmate palsy palus pan pandan panga panhandle papa par para parametric parbreak pare parietary parquet parse participate pasty pate paternoster patine patrist Paulist pawn peal pectinate peneplain pennant percolate perfect perforate perfume perimetric permit personate perverse petro- phosphate piano pic piciform picked picot pignorate piked piline pinite pinta pipi piripiri piscine pita placard place plano- plat platinate plicate pocky pogrom point poise Polish poly pomp Pompeian pone pontificate pook popple portal post-date postfix poult pow powwow pox pram prayer preamble precedent precinct precipitate predate predestinate predicate predominate preform prelude prematuration premature premier premise preponderate presbyterate prescript present presto prima primer proceed produce profligate profuse prograde progress pronk pronto propine proportionate prosodiac prospecting prostrate protest protogenic provo prow psychologic pud puku pull punt punto purblind purl purport purvey pussy pustulate put pustulate putter putting quadrate quadruplicate quant quark quart quinate quint quite quote raad rabbi rache radiate radicate ragged rame rampage rampire rance ranger rappel rasa rather rayon razoo re read rearward rebate rebuff recall recap recede recession recitative recollect recollection recon record recound recover recovering recreate recreation recreative recreator recurvate redouble redress redressing refit reflex refugee refuse regale regenerate regress regring reis reiterate rejoin remit repatriate repay replicate reprimand reprime reprobate res reset resinate reticulate retinal retrocede re-use revet rheum rhine rickle rifled ripa river rog rolling roove roset rouge roup rove row rowan rowing rowy rubbee rugged ruth sacro- saga sagene sal sala salicylate salve sambuca sampan sang sardine satiate saturate scance scar scarfed scarify scarp scart scatch schist scone scoop scopa scrae scribble scrow sculpture scuttler second sement semis sensate sensor separate seriate serra sew sewer sey sheathed sheather shellac shelver shive shower siderosieur sigillate sika simulate Sinaic sine singed singer sis situate skiver slaver slavery sliver sloom slough sloughy sludge slurry smeeth snook sol solute solvate son sook soor soothful sought souper sow sparkle sparrer spatulate spectacle sphere spinaceous spin-down spin-up spiral spiry spoof stabile stance standard staple staver stay steer stellate stereogram stern stipulate stipulation stith stiver stow stower strangulate straying strickle strontian stupa subdelegate suberose subfeu subject subordinate succenturiate successive suffix suine sulphonate sun super supine supple suppliance sura surcharge surrogate survey suspect swamp swarf swather swatter swinger syndicate syringe tabac taboot tabulate tache talc talesman tamboo tan tangi tarry tartana tass Tassie taster tatty taut tawa te tear teething telemeter tender terebrate terminate tessellate testate that thee theoric theory therm thou thralless threshold throughstone thymic tier tight till timbre tinger tinging tip tithe tither titling toco toman tonite toph tore torment toward tower traik traject transect transfer transform transgress transpire transmit transplant transport travail trepan triangulate tribe triplicate triply trisect trite trouse trow tuba tubulate tun tuna turnel tush U uh uke ultimate undulate unionize unwind upthrow urge use utile vaccine vague valent victural viola visit vitiate viva volt volva wahoo ware warden waugh weapon Weberian weet weet whinger whip whistly who wicked wind winded winding wind-up winged with woodward woof woofy worsted wound woundy yap yokeless yolky zoon.

*A special apology** to Erik Brandt, who on two occasions (once when he first visted MCAD roughly two years ago, and once during my Junior Review) told me that I need to be more careful of my hard-returns.

** I hope that with this update, I have fixed the hard returns, and can subsequently retract said apology (in reference to this specific document... previous hard-returned document apologies still stand).

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thanks David Lynch

And thanks 'Charles' of 'In Twin Peaks'

A still from the opening credits of Twin Peaks

This is the exact branch (look at the blurry background) that the bird is sitting on, only 19 years on. Charles of In Twin Peaks, has re-shot dozens of these now famous stills, its incredible how little has changed in nearly two decades. Neat-o, thanks Charles.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This looks like fun.

Bobby Neel Adams

Dude is a little heavy handed, cheesy at times, but his gimmick gets me, you go guy with three first names.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

0h h3y †here.

Ill Studio

Well this is just a chocolate-on-your-pillow kind of find friends... thanks so much Dylan for this tasty little morsel that is Ill Studio out of France... a collective of Designers, Typographers, Illustrators, Photographer, Motionogrphers, the list continues. They have a few projects that do make me flutter.

You ffffuckin' ffffound ffffreaks prolly ffffound them ffffriday...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

And again

With so many voices (never enough however) speaking out against unjust, irrelevant or untrue accusations it is a wonder that this race isn't even more of a blow-out. We've seen some horrific accusations and terrific rebutles as of late, but I appreciate the cool and collected delivery via Colin (and its actually pronounced just like my name, but Colin (thats Call-in) Powell just got fed up with correcting people when they said "Colon"

I wonder how many times you have to be called "Colon" before you just give up... It'd be a fare few before I caved.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Stuart Mcfarlane

Aussie industrial designer Stuart Mcfarlane created this paper aeroplane looking chair from recycled plastic, it can support 100kg (just over 220 lbs.) I wonder if it wouldn't be possible and fun to make this out of a refrigerator box. See more pictures where I originally found this article on Dezeen.

"Modern architecture is defined by it's mediation, not by it's built form"

This is Zaha Hadid's Opera House in Dubai, found via SuperSpatial. I am far from knowledgable in the field of architecture, I am fascinated by it, and have architects in my family, I exist within it and take notice of/appreciate it. I say this becasue I also have an opinion, but want you to understand my lack of understanding... if that makes any sense.

This proposed Opera house has that intensely "futuristic" (whatever that really means) look. It is flowing liquid, or perhaps (much more likely) it is a shifting sand dune. To me however, it is forced progression, not entirely human. It looks like we are aspiring to build beyond our means or even ourselves, I feel like this is a mimic of what we think the future might look like, or even what something from another place in space might look like. Overarching point... the design of this is forced, not like the Sydney Opera house, which is beautifully unique, human, and perfectly placed for its surroundings. I think that the author of the SuperSpatial blog puts it painfully well when he says:

"Why not build it?

- Because the reality will never live up [to] where my imagination will take it.

- Because more people will see it online and in magazines than will ever visit it. Modern architecture is defined by it's mediation, not by it's built form."

Taken from the comments section of that post.

Two more thoughts that do not fit in to the above paragraph:

1) Does the building not look like an overly photoshoped graphic?
2) Is Zaha Hadid's website not only frustrating to navigate, but strangely "student" in overall design?

form & function

Takeshi Miyakawa

Fractal 23 is Takeshi Miyakawa's 23-drawer cabinet, to utilize each drawer the unit can't be against any walls, but if you can forgo the use of 4 of those drawers (you could hide your valuables in that one, and push that side against the wall) you've still got 19 to work with. It reminds me of Brian Lee's self-contained dining table (seen below).

Brian Lee
Chubby Brothers 2008

Saturday, October 4, 2008



Thanks Dylan, for reminding me to watch this video. You rule Dylan, you rule because you are a Momma's Boy, and are proud of it, and we love you for it. You rule Chromeo, because you were a sweet part of this summer with your sweet tunes. You rule Stephane Manel because you make amazing work.

Chromeo Momma's Boy
Directed By Stephane Manel
Produced By Partizan Midi Minuit

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Book 'bout Bunsen burners

This was our first assignment in Publication Design. We selected a question out of an old "family encyclopedia" sort of book (it was chock full of questions pertaining to science, culture, everything) and then were given one week to make a book based off of the question. My question was: What is a Bunsen Burner. I tried to define it every possible way, as slang, as an object, and anywhere else that it popped up as having a meaning or use. What I found was that a Bunsen burner is:

-a scientific instrument
-a very fast pitch in the game of cricket
-an easy job for which you are well paid
-a badass

A thoroughly enjoyable project lots of fun, and very fast.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

-Deleted all my music to make room on my computer, whose health is a constant worry... 30 Gigs opened.

-Got a badass leather jacket.

-In need of black pants 34"34", and a black dress shirt... anyone?

I have wanted to get a photograph of this #5 for years. I still need to do better, but this is a reminder to drive by KSTP Channel 5's station on University. Breathtaking form.


This is my drawing for Illustration Topics. The prompt was to basically make a motif of imagery from a specific decade. I have chosen popular hair of the 1990s.

When Kindra returns my Bunsen Burner book, I'll post images of that, the most fun I've had design-wise this semester.

You know that feeling like there is a fight breaking out behind you, you get it because suddenly everyone is intent on whats a bit beyond your shoulder? Its a funny feeling to have in a room by yourself.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You probably won't watch this.

But you probably should.

Aussie filmmaker Kris Moyes (Kim Moyes of the Presets' younger brother) made this ONE CONTINUOUS SHOT masterpiece. Its brilliant, as are many of his videos. Sweet tunes, sweet vid, sweet aussie interconnectedness.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dan Ibarra is Genius

This is stolen from geotypografika, because as many people as possible need to see this.

A video by Dan Ibarra, as blunt as the woman herself, but a million times more clever. Ignore what he says on his blog about it being stupid, its infinitely less stupid than SP.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh, you'd expect.

The time is nigh, no, the time is most certainly here, to create.

Doof Doof 1

My new bike.

Doof Doof 2

Goooodd-bye raaaaaattail, I'm flyin' over you...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Pictchah Post

The following pictures are taken from either here, here, here or here. Because this is a post with just a smattering of pictures that amuse or delight me, I have started with this photograph, one of my favorites, an old classic I say.

I think Tin would like this Ice tray, I can think of a few problems with it... but don't want to be a stick in the mud.

Museum Station in Sydney doubles as a sort of advertising museum, old print ads are displayed in a grubby frame as you wait for the train. Apologies for this being a photo from a phone. I love the Arnott's logo, and many of their delicious products.

Sweet Jantzen type, as well as the MUSEUM station logo.
Apologies for this being a photo from a phone

Few things more Australian than an Akubra.
Apologies for this being a photo from a phone

I love his expression... and his "throw caution to the wind attitude" as well.

Ed first spotted this type on a walk. check out the "A" in American, the one letter is on 3 levels... dimensional type.

One of my favorite signs I saw around Western Australia, Kevin Hawthorne Ninja Schools.

Early mornings often mean Fandango, a breakfast place in Melbourne, I liked this type for their hours.

Hand done metallic type for Geppetto's Italian Restaurant. Seen during a 10k (6.1miles) walk home... Uff da.

Gundagai regional history.

Sweet ghetto blaster, but unfortunately this would not be allowed on Gayner-Hayfield premises.

Yeah fat type.

Classic 'Stralian image.

Olympic Doughnuts, apologizes for the darkness.

Same place, different sign... why are the rings upside down?