Sunday, June 29, 2008


April 2002-June 2008

In the famous last words of the metalhead who lived downstairs from me my freshman year, and dropped out after the first semester:

"fuck this shit, I'm out"

My sentiments exactly, regarding the little plugs that filled the holes in my earlobe. I have had a series of unfortunate events that has led me to throw in the very bloody towel.

After dropping one of the only pair of plugs I brought with me down the drain showering the other day. I set out to buy a replacement pair, just a couple cheap ones to hold the holes open. I bought a pair, took them back to the studio to pop them in, and they didn't fit, no matter how much tugging and yanking I did. They were supposedly only a millimeter larger, and because I'd had mine for so long, and they were kind of loose I assumed it would be no sweat. I was wrong. So I trotted back down to the shop. It was closed by the time I got back so I waited until the next day. When I went back the following morning they said they couldn't exchange (no surprise, I had assumed they wouldn't be able to) but they gave me a squishy silicone piece that I could fold down, pop in, and would stretch the lobe the little bit I needed. That little bit has seriously gnashed me left lobe. And as I trembled and winced pulling the silicone plug out of a bloody, swollen ear, I decided that I have spent enough time and money on these silly things, I am defeated and done.

My ear is still crusty and bloody, and the inside of the hole looks like the skin has split, and there is innards hanging out it is gnarly to the maximum.


Nerdlinger said...

sick, it's not worth it, no matter how beautiful they make you feel.

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