Monday, June 30, 2008

A New Home


I have arrived and settled in the beautiful city of Melbourne, as the 8 of you who read this already know. But here are some pictures to support my words.

This is the beautiful house that I am calling home until the 12th of August, I have been helping a little with that garden out front, and enjoying all of the pets and beautiful scenery. The house is only about a 10 or 15 minute train ride from the city, but it is located right on the Yarra River, and across the river is a huge national park, so I am enjoying the peaceful nature surroundings, as well as the convenience and happenings of big city living. It is beautiful to say the least. Come for dinner some time won't you?

This is the living room, and beyond that is the dining room, and beyond that is the kitchen. I'm not sure how to verbalize my love for this home, but lets just say the color couldn't be better.

This is cousin Rachel (her hand not the bird) feeding one of the 5 or so Kookaburras that hang around the backyard. The Kookaburra usually eats snakes, picks them up and then beats them against a rock until it is dead, so it is fun to watch the 'burra with a chunk of beef, bashing it against the railing to ensure that it is good n' dead before swallowing it.

These cute little mop creatures go by Archie, and Nellie, they have long bodies, and squat legs and take about 10 minutes to walk a few yards, they are very loving and adorable. They are only a fraction of the animals that live here at The Esplanade. Joining the dogs are perhaps 5 indoor birds, two geese (that live in the backyard) a beautiful black cat named Baxter, a mouse, and the various animals that come to visit for a feed or just to kick it with us.

These are some of those animals that come for a feed. These are Rainbow Lorikeets and this is a common sight, every morning they come to feast and socialize, often along with the Kookaburras.

Soon I will post some more pictures of the property, the river, and various other novelties and oddities around this amazing new residence.

I am extremely fortunate to have such a beautiful place to come home to,l full of lovely people, wonderful food, beer and wine, all of which flows freely and frequently, oooh heaven is a place on earth.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


April 2002-June 2008

In the famous last words of the metalhead who lived downstairs from me my freshman year, and dropped out after the first semester:

"fuck this shit, I'm out"

My sentiments exactly, regarding the little plugs that filled the holes in my earlobe. I have had a series of unfortunate events that has led me to throw in the very bloody towel.

After dropping one of the only pair of plugs I brought with me down the drain showering the other day. I set out to buy a replacement pair, just a couple cheap ones to hold the holes open. I bought a pair, took them back to the studio to pop them in, and they didn't fit, no matter how much tugging and yanking I did. They were supposedly only a millimeter larger, and because I'd had mine for so long, and they were kind of loose I assumed it would be no sweat. I was wrong. So I trotted back down to the shop. It was closed by the time I got back so I waited until the next day. When I went back the following morning they said they couldn't exchange (no surprise, I had assumed they wouldn't be able to) but they gave me a squishy silicone piece that I could fold down, pop in, and would stretch the lobe the little bit I needed. That little bit has seriously gnashed me left lobe. And as I trembled and winced pulling the silicone plug out of a bloody, swollen ear, I decided that I have spent enough time and money on these silly things, I am defeated and done.

My ear is still crusty and bloody, and the inside of the hole looks like the skin has split, and there is innards hanging out it is gnarly to the maximum.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I feel as though this has been something that has been brewing in my mind for some time now, I (and everyone else) have been complaining about the lack of "news" especially in mainstream media. The news is not news any longer, it is drama, what makes headlines is negative, scary, filtered, and has an agenda. Its not just American media, its everywhere. There are alternatives to mainstream media of course, but why are we settling for this?

After watching Sarah Watt's Look Both Ways last night, I felt as though there is potential in a publication that focuses on both real news, but real news that is not all negative.

Now, before I go any farther, I would like to say that the last thing I want this to be is some sort of cheesy, happy-go-lucky publication that ignores or denies that there is tragedy and sorrow in the world, however I think there is enough coverage of that. I would like to see a publication that reports on advances in sciences, the discovery of new creatures, new cultural institutions, amazing concerts, funny stories, maybe a more literary direction, interviews, and so on and so forth, not just kittens getting saved from trees or whatever obligatory "uplifting" story the nightly news throws in their mix.

Watt's film followed several characters in an intertwined story of tragedy, some are paranoid some are depressed, all of them are tied together by one accident, and throughout the entire movie we are reminded of how much negativity surrounds us. It is not total debbie downer movie though, it picks up at the end. I think the flick was the last little push I needed.

So I present:

Now, the irony here, is that there is no good news... in the above image, that is partly because I had somewhat of a shitty day today (because I lost one of my $30 plugs down the drain, and then spent $30 on a new pair that don't fit, and I keep dropping everything) aaaaaand partly because this is just a rough sketch, a quick mock up to get an idea down.

I am not in a huge rush to make this, but if anyone is interested in collaborating on this sort of publication or has any ideas or suggestions please drop me a line, I am open to any and all thoughts or comments.

Monday, June 23, 2008


From Northam Stephen & I made our way back down to Perth to spend some more time with McCracken, Chris & Hastie. Stephen decided that he wanted to try his hand at cooking a roast. This was Stephen's first roast, and it was deeee-lectible! Here Stephen is seen dishing up our roast, with McCrackin standing by offering his thoughts, support & criticism.

Chris went and got his tattoo finished, it is a statue of Saint Chris, the shading is pretty amazing.

This is Brita, she is Chris' girlfriend and one of the lubliest people I got to meet on this trip, McCrackin took this picture, as well as the dozen or so other pictures very similar to this one that did not make this post.

Wednesday was Steven's twenty-first birthday, seen here (from left to write) is Chris, Leticia, Stephen & Jason. Jason works with Stephen on the mines and is a grade-A champion, he worked for 8 weeks straight, just to be around for Stephen's birthday.

Chris, Bob, Jason. Chris can't help but show off his updated tatt. These photos show us all before we headed out to Captain Sterlings for Stebie's birthday.

The funny story about Captain Sterlings is that we all got there (in two cabs) and as we showed our I.D.'s the bouncer told me that my out-of-country I.D. would not suffice, and that I needed my Passport. So, I hopped back into a cab, Bob paid the $70 for my round trip, and I spent the next 45 minutes talking about U.S. politics, cancer, emerging research in self-help therapy & wikipedia. I love cab drivers, and If I were made of money, I'd take a cab everywhere.

The next day I woke up and packed my bags, bob came by to drop off my shoes and skateboard which I had left in his car a few days earlier, and he, Steve & I drove to the airport.

Steven, Bob & I got up to the gate (they let non-passengers go right up to where you board in Perth), said our goodbyes, had our hugs and promised to keep in touch. I got in line with my boarding pass out and couldn't help but look over my shoulder. Every time I did I'd see Stephen moving around to keep me in sight, with his hand raised high in the air, and a smile on his face. I would return the gesture, turn back to the que, and then repeat. The last time I looked back all I could see was Stebie's face, head tilted up, the reassuring smile still fixed, with his closed fist in the air, I turned around to fight the little lump growing in my neck to see a little billboard for Qantas that had been beautifully defaced with this message:

"amen" I thought, and boarded the plane.



After a whirlwind few days with Zack, I returned to Stebie's for my last few days in Northam. Stephen & I spent most of Thursday cleaning & polishing his car so he can sell it and get a newer nicer one. I got to see Shafen one last time, and that was nice. After some time with Shafen, Stevie took me to Muresk Institute of Agriculture, which is the college campus I lived on 6 years ago.

Muresk, and it doesn't seem to have changed at all.

This is Stephen walking up the four stair we used to skate for upwards of 10 hours a day (not just those steps, but around campus). I can't really explain why, but I really adore this picture, it has something to do with how immediately it transports me back to that time.

This is my old house.

After our visit to Muresk, we decided to hike up to and on top of these rocks, from them one has a most gorgeous view of the countryside.

When we got to the top we looked around a bit, and Stebie found this leaf covered in these little bugs, as soon as he started poking them a bit, they started spewing that yellow goop out of their bum, or their head.

This is the view from atop the rocks.

Saturday morning, Stebie & I went out for a 'good-bye' lunch with (from left) Jess, Bri, Holly & Janet. I was very sad to be leaving Northam again, but I promise it won't be 6 years before I return.


Reminds me of being 16 years old, but in a way I can appreciate now.
Have you every had one of those days where everything you say or think suddenly comes on TV or the radio or whatever? Stephen & I had one of those days, his exact dream from the night before was on Scrubs the next day, and later that night I was talking about Mars Volta being life-changing when Anthony Raneri, in unison said "changed my life" in this song. Those are moments that make me wonder how anyone can question the existence of our lord, the lord. Weh.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

they BLANKED each other's BLANK


Following two nights out in Perth, Zack and I woke up at 4:30 am to go out on a boat so he could surf, his lovely pal Joel took us out on his sweet sweet boat, this is us leaving the bay in perth, its about 7:45 in the morning here.

There is a stencil under this bridge, and I swear its Randy Newman.

Or maybe its Jerry Seinfeld

Yes please!

These are some waves where the boys surfed while Tanya and I sat on the boat getting progressively more and more sea sick.

This is a Jellyfish swimming up to our boat.

This is Tanya and I, holding a Jellyfish.

This is a Jellyfish on my head.


This dreadfully catchy tune will probably fall upon deaf ears to those of you with your nose in the air, and I don't blame you, if it didn't have some sentimental value to me, I'd probably write it off as catchy tune not to be taken as anything more, but listen to it 20 times and tell me it isn't the first song you want to find a free copy of and play over and over (with headphones on of course). One must love the Robert Smith-esque voice and especially the little stutter when he says "I want some down tuh-ime..." yes, pure pop genius.

Saturday, June 21, 2008



Stevie and I made our first trip to Perth where we stayed a couple days with Chris & McCracken, and a couple days with Bob, and his cousin's wife and adorable new child. One morning Bob took me for a walk in Kings park which has gorgeous views of Perth, gorgeous gardens, ponds, trees and walkways. It was hard to pick only a few photos from this romantic little walk. This image is of the city of Perth.

This is DNA tower. Bob took me to the top of this fun little tower, where we shared more romantic moments.

Late that night, Bob drove me to this fantastic little eatery known as Alfred's Kitchen, you order your food (I had a delicious steak burger) at the window and then hang out by the bonfire, the benches around that little fire pit are the only seating, and on Friday nights this place goes off. They also have a very sweet chalkboard menu, I have a postcard of it, but I don't have a scanner, just ask to see it when you next see me, its very fun.

After eating, Bobart's acute eye caught a little discrepancy in 'ol Alfred's supposed founding time, the big photo on the right was taken in 1989, when they decided they had been around since 1953, the big photo on the left shows Alfred claiming to have been around since 1946, hmmmmm puzzling indeed.

The following evening I met up with Zack Sofoulis whose hair has not been cut since I saw him 6 years ago. We convened at the airport where he had just arrived from work on the Mines. We hopped in the car with his friend Shannon, went back to her place and prepared to go out clubbin'. Zacks younger brother was nice enough to come pick us up and sober-cab for us and we had a grand time. We went to a club called: The Deen, we were there for hours and hours. Things were going swell, until the club owners noticed (I believe anyway) that I had not been ordering drinks for quite some time, they decided that (I believe anyway) they did not need another male body in the joint, especially if he wasn't giving them money, and kicked me out. Nothing new, I did my usual walk around the block, took my top shirt off, and walked back in. I was in the club for probably an hour when the bouncer that threw me out saw me again. He got upset and, more forcibly, threw me out a second time. This time into the arms of two police officers, who I promptly punched in the face. This brawl went on for a few minutes producing a bit of blood. When all was said and done I earned myself the above ticket.

The above ticket was not written for punching a cop, because I did not punch a cop, that was a lie. I did get a ticket however, and that is blood on it. But the ticket, (for re-entering an establishment from which I had been banned) will not be paid, at the suggestion of the police officers who wrote it for me. A nice little souvenir.

The next morning I did not wake up.

The next afternoon we woke up and decided to take a drive to a part of Australia known as "The Wedge" We drove about 100k south, with a quick detour to see one of Zack's plots of land that he, Shannon, Shannon's dad & Zack's dad have purchased. The above photo shows Zack and I riding on the roof of Shannon's rav4 (sorry mum, but we were very safe I promise) tooling around their property.

This is a little pond on Zack's property, it is chock full of sweet trees.

We left the property and drove to Wedge, which is amazing, gorgeous and full of sand dunes. To access it you must have a 4 wheel drive, you drive along the beach, the waves creep up to your tires, and then you drive up and over dunes, this really was fun.

Here you see me holding up a dead stingray, we found this on the beach next to another dead sting ray. Its actually quite sad because they were clearly killed, and I have no idea why I look so happy.

This is the coastline we drive along, words cant describe the freedom and fun one feels as they careen along the beach. We were almost all alone and there were storms in the distance, which were beautiful, but it was sunny and perfect where we were.

Driving up, over, around and down sand dunes in an unstoppable little 4WD was more fun than I ever could have imagined, also, never will I make fun of Rav 4s for being ninny girl cars, this thing was a champion, nary a dune could slow us down.

The rolling dunes, they go on and on and on...

Zack and I rented a sandboard, It was fun, but we quickly learned that it was more fun to be towed behind a car, mostly because the sand was slightly damp from the rainfall earlier in the day, which made the board a little too sticky to really rip on just gravity's force.

This is Zack and I, in front of a beautiful sunset, we would like invite you to our wedding.

This is the beautiful Wedge sunset, sans two goons posing in front of it.


Please don't actually watch this video, actually do watch it, but understand that it was not made by anyone affiliated with the man from Melbourne who goes by Muscles. He is pretty fucking awesome, I love him and I want to have his babies, if he just comes here I'll kiss him... He also has a sweet album cover designed by Jonathan Zawada. This track will forever remind me of Stebie's 21st, where he was dancing, taking his shirt off, and letting ice cream save the day. It was worth every penny of the $100 dollar cab ride there, back and there again.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

what a great night


Some time has elapsed. The lack of postings does not reflect a lack of activity, in fact the opposite is true. I have been riding a magnificent roller coaster and now is the time to share some of my experiences with you.

Over the next few posts I will share with you, roughly 45 images whittled down from over 600, of my exploits, endeavors and entertainment. I would also like to post some of the songs that will forever remind me of this trip, and if I could I'd post scents as well I would. The music I post is not necessarily music I have fallen in love with here, but it will, regardless of how bad it is, forever bring me right back to Western Australia.

So here it is, chronological order:

Following a wild night on the town in Northam, Bob (far right) Stebie Caruana, Daniel McCrackin, Glen Patton & Chris Rosendale and myself headed back to Bob's farm, here all of us (except Chris and I) can be seen sitting, on a couch in the Woodard rec room. We did not need more beer, but it was free, and about to expire...

This is Glen "Patto" Patton, he is insane, here he is seen eating an entire cube of billiards chalk, he also ate glass.

This is Stephen, he is playing a challenging game of darts.

This is also Stephen, this is why the game was challenging.

This is an adorable picture of McCracken and Chris, Chris is sleeping.


Stephen took me to the zoo with Letecia, we spent a half day there and I photographed nearly every animal, these are some of my favorites pictures and animals.

Of course I had Nick in mind for much of this excursion, but I thought he'd especially enjoy these guys, my favorite is the very fat, scowling guy at the top of the picture.

These 'rangas were havin' a blast, the one under the tarp was rolling around and wrapping itself as it tumbled down hills.

It is ripping into flesh, sweet.

Penguins are cute, and kinda shy.

This is a start, check back soon for a continuation.

P.S. New plan, I'm moving to WA in a year, working on the mines and paying my mom and dad and the bank back for school.


This is aussie through and through. I do love these boys: the Hilltop Hoods, they have a sweet cd with the Sydney orchestra. I love that their accents are prominent and their lyrics are drenched in 'stralian. Drinking, fighting frolicking.