Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Only famous people get interviewed

My dear friend Liz Plahn (pronounced plain, plane) was featured on It's Nice That today, not only was she featured, but she was also interviewed, something reserved for those looking for employment, the famous, and suspected felons.

An incredible story

David Crystal's latest blog post is as exciting and incredible as it is fascinating. Detailing the story of a brave woman in a hostage situation, text-messaging authorities and friends, describing the situation, her plans, their plans, and that she was doing okay. A reader commented with another story of texting-triumph in a dire situation.

Maybe I will have a car someday

From the BBC, A hydrogen car (which, unlike most current designs, actually has the potential to be extremely efficient, using 6kw as opposed to upwards of 80kw on most similar cars). This story has been making me really excited this morning (as has this one) because not only is it said to be extremely efficient (achieved by the use of "ultracapacitors"— also, totally fucking rad) the designs will be "open source" allowing for designs to be improved, tweaked to fit different environments, and facilitating the use of local man-power & materials. So jazzed.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


So according to this New York Times article, we will never see airfare to Australia this cheap again. So I implore anyone and everyone to hop on this bandwagon, eff fiscal responsibility, come visit me in Australia. There are insane deals on flights to New York, Australia and Australia I'm sure there are tons of deals, you just gotta find 'em n' get 'em. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

YES (ding round two)

adios america.