Wednesday, January 30, 2008


•Thank you for leaving your leftover Pancho Hannah, I ate it for breakfast and it was awesome
•I was late to class, again.
•I was late because I was singing in the shower
•Lots of love for lake street signage
•My mind is racing faster than it ever has, I am more overwhelmed, enthusiastic, frightened, thirsty and wracked than ever. There is a supernova in my head
•Dylan took me to get my camera, ITS FIXED!
•Sleeping is giving in/no matter what the time is/sleeping is giving in/so lift those heavy eyelids
•Pasta once, pasta twice
•lovely convo and hang time with the KRF&DCL
•COMCAST CAN ONLY BE STOPPED BY: This absurdly cold weather
•Studio time until 3:41a
•Hand rendered info graphics... I will play with this more
•Cheshire Cat was a great album, Cacophony and Carousel... SWEET!
•please help me think of a domain name

Michael Beirut wrote recently about the designer (?) Ernst Bettler, This article is fantastic, its one of those stories you love to hear. You know, HUGE FOLLIES, EXTREME EMBARRASSMENT, AND BY MAJOR PUBLISHERS.

If you are unfamiliar with the story of Ernst Bettler, I highly suggest you familiarize yourself with it.

We are of a common people, a common pooping people. We are not so different, sure our toilets might change a little, but we all use them, some form of them, check out these toilets around the world.

This is the work of my little brother Jeffery Trechter, this is his second feature on my blog. He was working on some shirt designs for a group he started at the River Falls High school called Global Change and Awareness. This boy makes me proud.


Love is Hell said...

Man I love Jeff. He has gotten taller. Must be all that carbo loadin///gettin ready for the big game///

your domain name should be

too edgy?

H_M_H said...

Jeff Trechter is my babydaddy, that's right bia, you've been BABY TRAPPED! MUAH HAH HAH!