Thursday, January 31, 2008


•Woke up, 5 minutes to get to work.
•Unproductive day at the learning center, nothing but reading blogs and looking at pretty things
•Flustered meeting with Emmet, what am I doing?
•A very quick manifesto:

I don’t see eliminating specific aspects or elements as a productive means for creation, instead morals and concepts should be the focus, thus allowing an adaptable guideline.

The current problems in graphic design, reflect current problems nationally and globally, they include:

-A global ignorance (ignore as in a refusal to accept & ignore as in stupidity)
-A lack of morality, concept and originality
-A general feeling of inflated importance (ego)
-An unwillingness to listen fully, collaborate

Every single project (regardless of scale, distribution or any other factor) should be approached with the following in mind:

-You are just a designer. You are a nameless, faceless, identity-less influence on your community, society and perhaps the world
-Environmental Impact
-Formalities and basic rules (even when ignored, should be understood)
-Significance of each element (why/how did you chose to ___________)
-Various levels of complexity (to offer something to a broad range of viewers)
-Timelessness (is there a reliance on trend and style, is that ok?)

All work should be approached with the understanding that much of it will end up as garbage, thrown away in some manner or another.

•I wrote an email to Tom Garrett about the inflated class sizes, 5 minutes after sending it he came in, and told me we'd be moving into the classroom across the hall, which is bigger. Tom is awesome.
•I wrote a 5 page list of my dream future. It will be doubled soon
•Saw two documentaries, one about a boy in Iraq, with AIDS and no help. Very ethereal in a most tragic way.
•Watched a banned documentary, "FRAT HOUSE" (1998) about the process of getting admitted into a Fraternity, such a disgusting reflection of humanity. I don't ever want to chant anything ever again.
•Sammy Smith and Jest Red.
•Garreth Investigates!
•Perhaps some productivity?!

Things Magazine is a thirst quencher fo' sho'! I'm a sucker for this shit, such a sucker. Just go to PROJECTS and you'll understand.

Thanks OWEN!

This is a Map of the Political Blogosphere... yes yes yall, ya don't stop.


This is the front, the back is too sad for me right now. TTYL.

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