Tuesday, January 29, 2008


•Milio brought me breakfast
•Wrote response to Unknown White Male & an outline for MPLSBEERCULTURE
•More web sketches
•Big bowl of cereal, butterfingers, so many chips with bean dip & salsa
•Pancho Villa with H and then back to webtime
•Computer too full
•Goodbye (just from computer, not ipod) ladytron, microphones and hundreds of unnamed
•Division of Laura Lee is pretty cool, but the song Trapped In is really cool
•Mostly a work day, not a blogworthy day.

This is This is our work which is Riley Hooker, an MCAD grad who is really awesome. He seems to have gotten to work with some sweet clients and he has a nice range of work.

I've been looking for a domain name. I really liked the idea of having bayo.net but someone has it, and it just redirects to that sight above... dammit.

This is from the Gerrit Rietveld Graphic Design Department Blog Page Who wouldn't want to keep up to date with them? I have seen a few images as of late where books are spelling things out, and the image is driven by the content. As in this image, this is a poster (or flyer) for a presentation about books. Makes sense.

This is an illustration I did last October. I used it for a poster and an illustration assignment, and now a blog post... shameless.

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