Saturday, January 26, 2008


•Wake up on the couch
•Read 'The World Without Us' Beautiful, recollections of late afternoon romps through the gully in my backyard, lost amongst the moss. Descriptions of beautiful Polish Forests.
•Speaking of Forests, the Black one, but not the real one, the one with Gösser Dark.
•More feelings of: 'too much life to live' I must:
--+Live off the land for an extended period of time
--+Volunteer for an extended period of time
--+Visit monumental forests and historic landmarks
--+Acomplish and vistit more places than can be spoken of here
•Plans are made to find The Goliath of Bedlam
•CD doesn't come out 'till Tuesday, drat
•See Dylan's new place for the first time. Lovely: person, place & time.
•Went to MATT'S, got a Sierra Nevada, (Bloody Mary strikeout #1)
•Went to 'Career Ender' at the Walker (thanks so very much Abi)
•Back to the Apt. to Pre-P with Kate and Dyllie
•to Jasmine 26, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ IZ Z1!
•Jasmine 26=Bloody Mary strikeout #2
•Black Forest, (Back to the Forest) BLOODY MARY HOMERUN X2!)
Dylan hangs for some conversation, did I mention I love this kid, good stuff! See you tomorrow!

This is Newsmap
. It is a dope way to see, and find news, that is current, and relevant to what you wanna see.

Thats a cool bike. I found this whilst searching for a good image to send to my friend Brenda as she moved off to San Francisco. Brenda is back, and its good to see her.

This is Martin Woodtli, Awesome. Interact/Redesign/Construct
Bleeding Appendages (When All Is Said and Done)

I have several bleeding appendages I refuse to wrap them in bandages because the color they produce defines my existence and I can see my reflection in the pool on my skin and with longer inspection I am tempted to dive in and the excitement of the pain washes the discomfort away I watch the fading of my vein now I do the blood. loss. sway.

Old Poem. This may prove to be a regrettable post, thankfully its only the three of you that see this blog, and if/when I do decide to remove it, no one will be any the wiser!

I've always wanted this website to exist, here is As-Found a collection of sometimes neat-o images.

This is a drawing I made for a friends band, they released a split. The split was called King of Cats, its a lion, a regal lion.

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