Wednesday, January 23, 2008


-Awake to: Beauty, initially, and a significant slump later, worst since the 80's?!
-Incredibly engaging class, again.
-Terrific Ideation Beginning at 1am and continuing until Midnight
-mmm mmm mmm
-toasted pita, tomatoes, hummus, Swiss, sprouts, lettuce, sauteed onions, jalapeƱos
-free T.B.
-Strawberry Jam, loud
-Anthony Fucking Warnick Lived in Australia same time as me!
-Speaking of Aus, R.I.P Heath Ledger
-R.I.P. Rob sign
-Rip-off of Kilimanjaro magazine
-walk to hmh n' zp walk to peninsula walk back to hmh n' zp walk home
-8 Mile
-Fun website Ideas
-Ideas Ideas Ideas

Jeff Trechter Untitled June 2006

I made this quite a while ago. Horribly obvious statement.

Clever puns, written in complete monotone.

Amos Goldbaum makes SICK SICK SICK drawings, just absolutely fucking awesome, I have his book, that was published at Grinnell College, you should ask to borrow it. In the interim, Do yourself a favor and check this Iowa Drawist out!

It is times like these that I feel the $5 I paid for this heavily highlighted and marked up copy of Thomas Friedman's The World Is Flat just isn't enough. The funny part is, that this little outburst of offense doesn't seem to occur again in this book.

This book is full of hilarious puns, and GORGEOUS illustrations, I'll crack it open for you later, until then, enjoy the pretty cover, and adorable little man gracing it. Thank you immensely Aimee for this wonderful present.

Perhaps this is an attempt to solve a mystery. I found this little gem over the summer, I was of course thrilled, and promptly created a new hotmail account and emailed I was pretty aware that the whole thing was a joke, but hoped that we could both just play a long with the joke for a while. But you never got back to me, get back to me, my name is Arthur Paulson, and my email is come forward.

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