Friday, January 25, 2008


•GD3 Homework typed in the hours before class
•A brisk ride to Treehaus Records
•The search for Silver Mt. Zion & Godspeed You! Black Emperor on vinyl continues
•AziATM›Jasmine›Mock Duck Spring Roll & Mock Duck Sandwich, X-TRA PEANUT SAUCE PLZ!
•Messy eats and spipy peanut sauce seeping into my new,deep cut in index finger
•E.Byrne suggests ideation tools to finalize my Exhibition proposal
•Leave class early, moral struggle GAY BEAST N' DAN DEACON -or- Class? Class won.
•Heaviest class ever, (see below re. the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo
•1st conference call, and first girl bickering during conference call experience
•HMH claims couch


The Democratic Republic of Congo is a nation plagued by war, it has been for the past thirteen years. It is one of the most hideous and horrifying civil wars in the history of civilization, the land is sliding into chaos as rebel militias overtake villages, rape and kill. This is hardly the tip of the Iceberg unfortunately. The soldiers in place to protect the villages have also taken to routine extortion, and rape. The actual numbers are very hard to obtain, however, hospitals are overcrowding with the small percentage of women to can make it to their safety. Most are not that lucky, after suffering gang rapes, in excess of 25 men at times, women are subjected to unimaginable mutilation and abuse.

+There have not been as many casualties of war since WWII
+Upwards of 30 percent of the women in hospitals are infected with HIV/AIDS
+After the raping and mutilation, these womens own families and husbands reject them, they are forced to fend for themselves, and their children, often in excess of 5
+Rapists use it as a method of war, sparring no one, victims rang from 4years old to women well into their 80's

This is only a fraction of the information, but this is something everyone should be aware of, It is breathtakingly horrible. Please Please Please find out more.

+The Greatest Silence A Documentary on the subject
+An Article on the topic
+The Panzi Hospital of Bukavu The primary hospital caring for victims
+United Nations Mission in the Congo (MONUC)
the UN effort to assist the women of the DRC

I believe it is extremely important that we educate ourselves and one another on this topic, as it is entirely unacceptable, this is the 21st century, we should be so far beyond this.

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A. Von Falcon said...

remember those political leader flyers I gave you for the Democratic Republic of Congo?
you should post those!