Wednesday, January 23, 2008


•Awake 'til 6:30 last night, welcome back
•Slept on couch
•9 hour shift in the Learning Center
•4 servings of maple oatmeal
•2 bags of chips
•13 delightful Jelly Belly morsels
•Dylan and Colin are Beer buddies
•Search for cheap NYC tickets
•So many baby carrots
•First 'design' of the semester
•Mary McDunn loves her Ipod
•Call me Smithers
•Just got another bag of chips

Bless the Boss & this intriguing video for the greatest song ever recorded.
The subtitles are so perfect, Bruce would love it.

Bussy, Stebie C and Ross Circa 2002.

Shafen, Stef and Stebie C Circa 2002.

Stebie C, Ross' Mum, Ross, ?, Bussy circa 2002.

Stephen Caruana (Stebie C) Stephen Buss (Bussy) Shafen & Malachai Rolfe (Not Pictured, but nicknamed Mully) were my best friends in Australia. Stumbled across these flattering party pixxx and got extremely excited to see these folks again this summer. Infinite stories... infinite.

This is the tip of the Iceberg for what David Pidgeon and his Posse can do, pretty ingenious typographic explorations here. Oh and did I mention, dudes and Aussie.

Thank you Jocelyn for this sweet sweet cross stitch.