Saturday, January 26, 2008


•Practice professional practice presentation? I think not
•Spyhouse instead
•Avacado/Swiss/tomatoe/lettuce/turkey/mustard sammich
•Song for the Asking•Crunchety chips
•I enjoyed seeing classmates work, almost everyone showed work I'd never seen, TIGHT!
•Saw Sammy for first time in DAYS, strep throat, poor boy, gone to Iowa•Some hang time with Nick, Susan, Gail, Sammy, Kari, Amalia and Ben
•waited for about 1.5 hours for Scott at his surprise birthday party
•Juicy, Lindsay Lohan, Ms. Jackson, Backstreet Boys & Still D.R.E.
•Crazy Stallion!
•La Crosse Lager
•Dylan and I are gon' brew some beer!

These are some typographic splashes by Joan Trochut. A type designer from Spain (I believe) who died in 1980, however is grandson (who apparently never met him) is Alex Trochet a type designer in Spain. His work is ok, but He digitized his Grandfather's typefaces, a rather interesting project, I am curious as to what Joan would say about Alex's work, which usually looks like this:

Real flashy and all but I think a little less interesting than what he did with his grandfather's type.

This is Breathing Earth I assume many have seen this, but it is:

A) an interactive, huge scale media piece, I am a huge sucker for those
B) interesting, ever evolving and maybe something to consider as we choose places to visit and move to.

Andrew Maynard Architects is an amazing Australian sustainable Architect, however they have created this bicycle. IT IS A $35 DOLLAR BICYCLE! Please look at all of the inspiring and beautiful work on their website

So I didn't mean for this post to be all green or preachy or anything... sometimes life gets ya thinking, ya know.

And to keep with my theme of predictability and hand drawn type, this is a poster/flyer I made for first avenue last year... I'm not sure why I am so partial to this piece but I am, and I'll share it, again.