Tuesday, February 26, 2008


•go go go
•Truly times with my dearest Dylan
•Printers rule, free paper rules
•Excessive pro-bono work drools
•Chinatown rules
•I've had the extreme idea of deleting every song (except maybe like 5) from my computer I HAVE NO ROOM AND THAT DROOLS!


I, like many youngsters, was a notorious pest on car rides (and every other time as well). One of my favorite ways to bother my company was to ask "what if" questions. I love them, they are portals to daydreams and fantasies and searches for meaning. I still love them, and am going to start asking more of them. Ulrike Steven & Gareth Morris like them as well. I have not been this excited about a find on the Internet for a quite a while, I hope it isn't too good to be true! But of course not. This, my dear friends is WHAT IF. They are some form of urban architect, community builder, thinking minds. They are great. They are thinking locally and acting globally and they are full of "what ifs" do look into their brilliance.


This house pictured above is a mere 384 square feet, it is beautiful, with a low environmental impact and the ability to move! Tiny House Blog has a nice collection of pre-fab homes in quite an array of styles. They also show how quickly they can be assembled. How glorious would it be to purchase one of these, and get two friends and tour the world with your sweet house. Living somewhere is truly experience that somewhere, and OH how delightful this adventure would be!


The 1000 Journals Project is another thrilling discovery. It is apparently old news however, (there is already a follow up project called 1001 Journals) The idea is simple, there are (now more than) 1000 journals floating around the world, it is a giant collaborative project, the journals can be tracked on the website and you can look at the pages of some of the journals too. I love this, simple global collaboration. Beautiful.


New Scissors! A Gulper Eel! Colorful Fridge Magnets! NOT! & A Hot Glue Gun!

Oh, and of course, a a hologram of lady liberty

Kindra, you can't tell me you don't like this sweet bag maker sealer. LOOK AT THOSE ILLUSTRATIONS! I have plans for you my old friend, yes I do.


kindra said...

first. i can't wait to investigate the what if site. thanks for the link. The companion roadtrip game to 'what if', is "can you feel this?" I would poke my mom in the back of the head with straight pins or pull her hair...
nice and annoying.

second. the bag maker sealer... does it make bags and seal them or just seal? i'm intrigued and perplexed. i think it would go well with the hand-waxer.

H_M_H said...