Sunday, February 3, 2008


•To the Art Shanty Project on Medicine Lake with DYLAN&JENNY Hazzaa what a blast this was, we will return, in greater numbers, stronger than before.
•To Dylan's Super bowl party (MY FIRST ONE EVER!) From not knowing who was playing, to cheering at high volume for the Giants in 36 hours.
•Rampant racism in the super bowl advertisements
•To Home
•To sleep on the couch

Holy Shit.

The 10 Most modified humans, according to Deputydog I have no idea how I came across this, but I'm glad I did.

I had forgotten about this gem. I found this at the now burned down Laundromat on 1st and 26th, I spent 3 full days there just watching the ongoings and understanding this establishment. Laundromats are still one of my least favorite places on earth, but I did have a soft spot for this little place, and was saddened to see it had burned down. Regardless, this is my kind of: Advertising/Babysitting/Signage.

The Art Shanty Project

Ken Garland is cool, with some neat 'ol work.

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Love is Hell said...

I came accross that picture of the today! weird.

fuckin sweet though.
i wonder how much $skrill$$ he has dropped to look that way?

or maybe he was BORN like that?!!?! its possible.....