Thursday, March 27, 2008

So Long


Shouldn't it always be this way? I am shaking with excitement at the thought of taking Massachusetts Institute of Technology's - Environmental Earth Science Course For FREE!?!


These will allow me to leave the country. Can you believe that such a tired, poopy grin will allow you to leave and enter countries? I'm not so sure it will, I'm skeptical of these photos taken by the lady at Walgreens on her digital camera. I'm skeptical given how completely nonchalant and unprofessional the whole ordeal was. Thanks to Abi for carting me around. But if these don't work, no thanks to anyone at all.


Love is Hell said...

I know Kelly has read that book, so if you need someone to have a conversation with, you should look him up.

also: your passport pictures are good, Australia will surely put more shrimp on the barbie upon your arrival.....dumb and dumber anyone...

jenny. said...

When I worked at the Sears Portrait Studio in high school, I had to take a lot of passport photos. I felt really powerful, you know, taking the photos (in a dirty studio hidden behind the children's clothing section of a window-less department store) that would get people around the world swimmingly.

I always wanted to keep the extra prints / mess-ups that we had to rip up and throw out. But then someone told me I could go to jail for keeping those photos. So I didn't keep them.