Monday, March 31, 2008

Because I Said I like Them So


I don't mean anything by directing you here*, but these are just sweet as can be, as are most of the things on that site.


Meet William T. Wood, he is 10 years old and he knows more about aerogels than you, or me, or probably most anyone who hasn't received a Bachelor of Science in one of a few fairly specific fields. His story goes more or less as follows:

William was into aerogels (which are a fascinating group of substances, the lightest solid, stable matter known to us and it is used in "outer space")!

William spent some big scrillaz on some of these different forms that were created in a labratory, he spent some time educating the community on their various traits and uses, and then decided he would try to make his own, in his home, without the specific equipment needed to make this (from what I can gather) extremely finicky substance.

He managed to make some and that is just great.


These two guys are some cool cats. They already have a job lined up at Marvel! I don't know who these guys really are, but if I ever saw them, I'd tell them what an inspiration they are, and how, as soon as my mom lets me, I'm gonna get some of their artworks tattooed on my body.

*=yes, I absolutely do.


chrisburns said...

when you get that skrilla
fellas act familyah

notions & potions said...

i'll get you the scissors if you get me the life-size dinosaur replica and an octodog hot dog converter, deal?