Thursday, March 6, 2008


•Sick like Barker on drums

This is pretty genius. A wonderful game of give me money and I'll do this for you. My favorite project by Mr. David Horvitz however is absolutely the project that I snagged the above image from. Where he simply states: If you give me $___ I will go to _____ and _____. Basically he will Blank your blank. Horvitz is a bit of a mystery, he clearly likes to utilize the postal service and is very fascinated by connecting people from great distances via mail. I can't quite tell what kinda fella he is but he sure does have some interesting work on his site.


This article (which, it should be noted, is a year old) is not the only of its kind, but there is something about hearing it put plainly: If we continue to use the way we do, we will need to colonize two more planets in the next fifty years. Whoa.


These are some quick sketches made for my Global context of design project. Dylan and I are studying the importance of beer and identity from a local to global scale. These are of course sorta cheeky and as much about making a kitschy little visual statement as anything else but I think that they are the very early beginnings of what we are discovering about how vehemently and passionately people align themselves based on their beer.