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Spring break has commenced, which means, a spring break of my bad habits, and a spring break into song and dance, and a spring break stuff, and a spring break from reading about Barbara "I'm Miss Amazing" Koppel.


An equation
has been solved by Russian Mathematician Avraham Trahtman. The equation is called the Road Coloring Problem. The gist of the equation, or perhaps what can be done with this solution, is basically (and I stress that last word) this equation allows for extremely easy and efficient way-finding by a matter of plotted points. As I see it, this will have a significant impact on Urban planning, architecture, cartography, global positioning, road signage, and any and all forms of exploration. I think if positively thrilling. Read the article that Sam originally told me be about on Yahoo news.


That's right folks, more new finds in creaturland! New GIANT jellyfish (12 foot tentacles) and large starfish (see above image) were found (amongst other amazing discoveries) in a recent expedition in Antarctica. The survey was conducted to determine the effects of Global Warming on Antarctica. None of the species are confirmed to be new yet, although they certainly seem to be previously undiscovered.


I haven't read this entire article yet (its 8 pages, I know I should finish before sharing) but its pretty rad, and I've no patience. Basically this study suggests that through some cell manipulation humans would be capable of regeneration, in the same way salamanders grow tails back after losing them.

"the construction of a limb by the blastema is essentially a recapitulation of the limb formation that took place during the animal’s original development. An important implication of this insight was that the same genetic program is involved in both situations, and because humans make limbs as embryos, in principle we should already have the necessary programming to regenerate them as adults, too."

According to the article, this advance in medicine could be a mere 10 to 20 years away. That means in our lifetime, we will likely see a day when an amputation or loss of digit or limb, be it medical, accidental or due to disease, will easily be regrown. Sort of freaky, sort of thrilling!


This is a photograph of my Merits show for this year. It featured a vast array of damaged and plagiarized work. (jokes of course.... sort of) But in all seriousness I was fairly pleased with the final outcome, but the real hard hitters were here, here, here & here.

p.s. this post is dedicated to Oak Park IL... thanks for checkin' this!

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