Wednesday, February 11, 2009


As many of you know, Australia (specifically, Victoria) is experiencing some of the worst bushfires they have ever seen. Photographic evidence of this inferno can be found here. I have been especially worried this week, as the fires have been getting within 50 miles (close enough for government-ordered evacuation) of the Beloved Cecil farm. Although my dear friends and family are not at serious risk of physical harm, to lose this beautiful piece of architecture would positively break my heart, and the only way I could possibly cope, would be to offer my services in rebuilding. Its a promise Tim & Rachel.

This image (is almost too much) from Jono>lookcaitlin>BBC? Amidst such tragedy, an amazing moment of tenderness, from a creature who is never this friendly.

You are all in my thoughts Victoria.

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terese said...

owch that breaks my heart.