Tuesday, February 3, 2009

From Canadian Design Resource

A target on the Goalie mask, the ultimate effue to any shooter.

Cannuck's Goaltender Gary Bromley.

For anyone with an appreciation in Hockey, Design, Masks/Helmets, Sweetness, Historical Athletics and/or 1980's era Goalie's-as-art directors:

The Canadian Design Resource,
Canadian Goalie Helmets of the 1980's

Click that link, and work your way back for all the posts, there are about 5 examples.

I've been really loving Hockey this winter, watching it on TV is sort of fun, but going to a game... that is an experience. When I watch live hockey, it is hard for me to understand why I left the sport (one look at my wrists gives a pretty good hint). Hockey gets in your blood like smack... and I feel its a lifelong addiction, one that grabs hold every time it confronts you. I look forward to getting back on blades and slappin' some stick in the near future.

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nickbachman said...

Goalie masks are awesome. I wish more sports had that sort of customization of one member of the team. Catchers get to wear different gear I guess, that's halfway there. Now they need to look more badass. Maybe give them guns.