Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Breakdown

I've always felt like posting my current youtube fav's on here is kind of like hearing that Rodney King got arrested again, you might look into it a little, but really, few care.

But this doesn't satisfy my compulsion to at least attempt to share these great songs and motion pictures with you. So allow me to publicly announce:


I've had this thing for a while, but never really used it. (The first 6 or so posts are extremely random, and illustrate me learning how to post different things... possibly good for a chuckle if you care to look). It seems to me to be the perfect place to host my curated pieces of pop culture past & present.

I am hoping that this blog will now play host to some more interesting and engaging content.

I am also toying with using my website as a means to document the process of my Senior project, updating that frequently, and again, refining the content of this here anti-declaration.

We'll see how these go.

For the very few of you who would care to see what is tickling my pop-culture fancy, please check back frequently to:

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