Tuesday, February 24, 2009

14 peers' web snippets

Above is the first project I have completed for my Critical Studies class, it will possibly be used in my Senior Project as well. It is a 42" x 72" drawing of 14 examples (one from every student in my class*) of linguistic ludicity. As a means to illustrate the importance of manipulating language to reflect our individual thoughts and ideas. The abbreviations, emoticons & interpretations used in the original text are celebrated and their efficiency negated by the laborious act of hand rendering each character. This seeks to counter the notion that these abbreviations and alterations are used solely as means of efficiency.

This is a detail of some of the snippets.

*There are a couple students missing from the list, I used our online responses to get the full names of all of my fellow students, and some had not posted, therefore, were not included)

Thanks to JAN for conceptual direction.


kindra said...

I saw this the other day in the studio (unfinished) and was quite excited to see the handlettering. Stupendous for certain.

Millie Davies said...

really beautiful :)