Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I've never been one much for the YouTube "videos" that are just a slide show of photographs set to music. In fact, as a rule I'd say they are a massive, boring waste of time

As is often the case however, I believe there is an exception to the rule. In this case, the exception comes from an indescribably amazing duo known to the world by their last names of Simon & Garfunkel. These two men, capable of amazing feats & fights also happened to be, perhaps the most unfortunate and unphotogenic men in the history of modern music. So while viewing this collection of photographs & listening to the beautiful melodies they weave so well, please appreciate the sort of uneasy feeling of suppressed memories of early adolescent awkward (that in the case of our boys Artie and Paul, seem to have lasted into adulthood)


I recently had the pleasure of getting acquainted with this terrificly skilled and engaging artist. This is the work of Martha Iserman, a painter/printmaker/drawist from right here in Minneapolis Minnesota! She seems to be as energetic and dynamic as her work, totes rad.


The above image is an example of something called Spam Architecture. In this case, a model of a home, designed by interpreting & translating patterns in the text of spam mail. This stroke of genius courtesy of Alex Dragulescu, do visit his website.


The above image features back-lit portraits created from layers of packing tape. This is the work of Mark Khaisman, a Philly based artist born in the Ukraine. His work ranges quite a bit in subject, always in this medium.


An elderly sketch from when I first got the Panda Bear Album.

Some sketches for my friend Dan's "Big Gay Dan" tatt.

Smells like teen angst.

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Love is Hell said...

what a good post. bravo!! I fuckin love that summer fun sketch, and the fact that it was sketched in the first place. and the last sketch of awesome angsty words you did. you just need to start hand lettering phrases like "my life style determines my death style"

ohhhh colin your leaving in two days to the land of aussies gahhhh

you better update this shit while u gone. miss yah lots, u know? and take pictures plz. ok im done with my novel of a post.

oh and garfunkel is by far less photogenic than simon, but i think he knows that.