Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I have arrived in Sydney, I am staying in the beautiful home of long standing family friends Suzie Lucas, Luke, Travis & Taylor Cornell, oh and Monty lives here too*.

I will be making a post this evening with images from my time in L.A. With Jessica, Kami, Christian & Rachel who so kindly spent time with me during my 11 hour layover in Los Angeles.

I will also upload images from my time so far in Sydney, I've had nary a moment of boredom or rest, things are going swimmingly!

(See hyphen for picture of Monty)


kariethomson said...

good to know you got there safely! I really am jealous.

Love is Hell said...

read abi's blog about you guys getting into the semi finals for adobe achievement awards, good work! proud o you .

owen made it too!!

Dylan C. Lathrop said...

way to slam dunk it and triple funk it!

if you somehow box a kangaroo, plz take photos.

notions & potions said...

so i watched cable television this week for the first time in a while and there's this guy on top chef named mark and he uses marmite in ev-er-y-thang!

p.s. i like your haircuts. comment est la queue du rat?