Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some Follow Up Images

This was a wonderful sight to see as I got off the plane in Sydney. Only football fans... I couldn't help but think about how wonderful this was, but how this sort of raucous behavior would never fly in U.S. Airports. Also I couldn't help but love the fact that the four guys, for whatever reason, didn't have a fifth man (for the "H" in Ghana of course!) but were resourceful and made themselves up so that they still got their message across... wonderful.

This is a very dark image of where I am staying with long time family friends Suzie Lucas, Tay & Luke Cornell (they also have a son Travis, whose room I'm staying in while he is in boarding school.

This is the Lucas/Cornell porch

This is the nationally famous Monty, he is a frisky pup and is still kickin' at 10+ years of age

This is the lovely little patio where I sit and drip sweat after my morning run.

This is one of the many things that I have missed terribly, the beautiful aroma of Eucalyptus, It feels so good, I can't even describe it.

This is a courtyard at Sydney University, where, on Tuesday I went to an Economics class with Luke.

And this, my friends is the real reason I have returned to the beautiful country of Australia, Brownes, Chocolate Honeycomb Supashakes, god they are great.


jenny. said...

one day i'm going to have a eucalyptus tree so i can sleep in it.

whitney said...

hahaha no H in that's funny!