Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Melbourne is a city that loves its parties. But a party is not just a house full of people... a party is a themed, well dressed and well attended event. This party was a fare-well to Melbourne's favorite over sized, screenprinted broadside Is Not Magazine.

Like any prom, a proper preparation is necessary, Tin & Sari primp n' boogie.

Floral hair decorations by Hopie.

Jono gets down, straddling the line between well-dressed playboy & secret service agent... every day.

Luke on the left, fellow yankie Ricardo on the right... matching.

Ed came straight from the footy, and didn't have time to change.

Hopie is in pink, I am in blue.

To end the night off right, Jono somehow gets his hands on some sparklers, but it's a finalé, so the whole box must be lit. Funny how little attention you get until there are sparks flying all around you.

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