Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Closing Chapters vol. I

Because I've been having too much fun and haven't posted photographs in quite some time, I've got about 50 I'd like to share, so over the next couple days/posts, these will be appearing in big 'ol chunkers.

Trough/WOMB/90's Studio Party

These are a few weeks old, but we will start here and see where the paths take us. The photographs shown are from our 6 person 90's party in the studio following the Trough Womb Party but any photographs from the actual party would just be a sweaty mass of topless people amidst pink balloons. So you can just use your imagination.

Sara, Aaron, Tin & mouth-agape Ed.

Aaron gave me a haircut.

Ed gave me a tattoo.

I find this to be a rather humorous photograph, everyone seems sort of frozen in a slow-awkward pose. Take note of Hopie's full body sparkle suit... you'll soon learn, she has great clothing.

Meet Sara, she is really terrific, and in just under a week, she will be uprooted from her home in Melbourne, to go and be Karen Walker's assistant. Sara and a 48 year old woman will be Karen's right hand women, how amazing is that, for a first job?!

This is actually a photo from Sara's birthday party, again, please take note of Hopie's awesome full body zebra suit.

Following an enormous pot-luck style feast (with incredible food, everyone here can cook!) we played a loud and boisterous game of Articulate. Ed was hopeless.

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