Sunday, August 17, 2008

Melbourne Museum

On a lovely afternoon in Melbourne Victoria, Jessica Nelson & Colin Trechter ventured to the Melbourne Museum. After a beautiful lunch overlooking Carlton Gardens we trotted over to spend a couple hours looking at the wonders of the natural world. After paying 5 dollars (which was not only the cheapest entry for the sweetest museum, but also unnecessary; note to future visitors, student ID gets you in free... always remember that jingle). Unfortunately we did not have as long as I would have liked, but their exhibitions on deep-sea creatures, drugs & jungle walk, all were top notch.

apologies for the poor images, my camera refused to stop flashing.

The long squiggly character is a worm.

Spiders on a wall

Insects on pins.

Breathtaking display of beetles, there was a room with three walls all covered in displays like this, I was captivated, and would have paid 5 dollars just to see this.

Starfish & Sea Urchins.

Preserved cephalopod.

Amazing deep-sea fish. If you can, get a good look of 'ol boy on the right's set of chompers.

Otherwise just look at this guys teefs.

Haul ass out of the building... for J Renz.