Friday, August 22, 2008

Pictchah Post

The following pictures are taken from either here, here, here or here. Because this is a post with just a smattering of pictures that amuse or delight me, I have started with this photograph, one of my favorites, an old classic I say.

I think Tin would like this Ice tray, I can think of a few problems with it... but don't want to be a stick in the mud.

Museum Station in Sydney doubles as a sort of advertising museum, old print ads are displayed in a grubby frame as you wait for the train. Apologies for this being a photo from a phone. I love the Arnott's logo, and many of their delicious products.

Sweet Jantzen type, as well as the MUSEUM station logo.
Apologies for this being a photo from a phone

Few things more Australian than an Akubra.
Apologies for this being a photo from a phone

I love his expression... and his "throw caution to the wind attitude" as well.

Ed first spotted this type on a walk. check out the "A" in American, the one letter is on 3 levels... dimensional type.

One of my favorite signs I saw around Western Australia, Kevin Hawthorne Ninja Schools.

Early mornings often mean Fandango, a breakfast place in Melbourne, I liked this type for their hours.

Hand done metallic type for Geppetto's Italian Restaurant. Seen during a 10k (6.1miles) walk home... Uff da.

Gundagai regional history.

Sweet ghetto blaster, but unfortunately this would not be allowed on Gayner-Hayfield premises.

Yeah fat type.

Classic 'Stralian image.

Olympic Doughnuts, apologizes for the darkness.

Same place, different sign... why are the rings upside down?

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