Wednesday, November 5, 2008


For the past 8 years, I have sat comfortably in a chair of discontent, disgust, hopelessness and shame. I do mean comfortably though, it has been easy to loath most of the folks in Washington. As I watched Barack Obama become my new president last night, I thought how incredibly strange it was to feel proud, excited, hopeful and to look at this man, who will be running my country, in complete and utter admiration.

I would like to continue this self righteousness now, and show you how gracious, classy & supportive the Democratic party is. Please watch the first thirty seconds of the first video and then go the second video, and watch it, pay attention starting at about 2:20.

John McCain Concession Speech Nov. 4 2008

Barack Obama Acceptance Speech Nov. 4 2008

And again I swell with pride!

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amalia said...

it is such a beautiful thing to hear our generation talk about this being the first time they have truly felt pride in our country. I think that respect and pride in America is something that must be earned and i think we've done it. the fact that all of us came together to make this dream a reality is truly monumental and life changing.

We can't stop caring now. This is only the beginning!!!!