Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Break Project #1

This is what I have so far, on a typeface I am working on. I have discovered (or been reminded again) of how long it takes to draw a vector character from scratch. But it has been rewarding— and once you get started, things begin to cascade and come more quickly.

This is a type style that I have been drawing in pencil for some time and then redrew with a (sort of) full character set for a project that Liz & I collaborated on for our Systems class/the MCAD Service Bureau.

I am sort of going about this randomly, initially I was just focusing on capitol case characters, however I have also sketched a few lower case, we'll see, this could very well become a long-term/ongoing project.


Rob said...

Looking fucking sweet!
really nice - am a big fan

whitney said...

fuckin illl. I like the skinny parts of the letters they're so vulnerable.

kevinwadeshaw said...


Holler at me if you want softwares to make it type-able...