Tuesday, September 30, 2008

-Deleted all my music to make room on my computer, whose health is a constant worry... 30 Gigs opened.

-Got a badass leather jacket.

-In need of black pants 34"34", and a black dress shirt... anyone?

I have wanted to get a photograph of this #5 for years. I still need to do better, but this is a reminder to drive by KSTP Channel 5's station on University. Breathtaking form.


This is my drawing for Illustration Topics. The prompt was to basically make a motif of imagery from a specific decade. I have chosen popular hair of the 1990s.

When Kindra returns my Bunsen Burner book, I'll post images of that, the most fun I've had design-wise this semester.

You know that feeling like there is a fight breaking out behind you, you get it because suddenly everyone is intent on whats a bit beyond your shoulder? Its a funny feeling to have in a room by yourself.


kariethomson said...

You really scared me this morning. I had thought you were in the bathroom.

The hairstyles remind me of N'sync. or backstreet boys.. and my next store neighbor who pretty much rocked half of those.

Karen O said...

this drawing is totally boss. I would love to see a whole series of these. Good work friend =)