Friday, October 3, 2008

A Book 'bout Bunsen burners

This was our first assignment in Publication Design. We selected a question out of an old "family encyclopedia" sort of book (it was chock full of questions pertaining to science, culture, everything) and then were given one week to make a book based off of the question. My question was: What is a Bunsen Burner. I tried to define it every possible way, as slang, as an object, and anywhere else that it popped up as having a meaning or use. What I found was that a Bunsen burner is:

-a scientific instrument
-a very fast pitch in the game of cricket
-an easy job for which you are well paid
-a badass

A thoroughly enjoyable project lots of fun, and very fast.


whitney said...

damn that book is bunsen burnin!

tam said...

Colin! I love it.