Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Union Graphic

On September 17th I will be arriving in Melbourne. There I will be reconnecting with friends, traveling and most excitingly, starting a small studio with my good friend Aaron Moodie. The studio is called The Union Graphic. Together Aaron and I will focus primarily on print (with a side of web) work for (first and foremost) The bi-annual Next Wave Festival in Melbourne, as well as other ventures in the art, design, architecture and not-for-profit realm.

Until then, I will be cruisin' the USA visiting lovely people coast to coast. I'm hoping to regain a life interesting enough to document and share. Time will tell.

To those of you not in Australia, why? I reckon you should plan a visit. For those of you already there, I can't wait to see you.

Tramps like us...


Liz said...

this is great. i'm so excited to see you here in the east, and then again in australia in the spring

kate said...

cuz We gotta get out while we're young.
-lovely person on both coasts