Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Babysitting to Bruce

I havn't babysat (dumb word) PROVIDED CHILDCARE SERVICES since I was like, 15. But when you live for free with family, you jump at an opportunity to help out. Such was the case tonight, when Tim & Rachel had to go to go be guests of honor for their (through Tim's family business Henry Bucks) contributions in the fight against colon cancer.

I had more fun than expected, in no small part due to this:

Filled with such pride, and joy, I hope someday these kids know how cool they are for having done this.

Worth noting, Ari (drumming) Was born in Iceland, Gemma in Australia, and I in the U.S.A.
but I think the power of the Boss transcends borders and nationalities, something in his conviction and passion just makes one proud to be themselves, free at least, for the 5 minutes that the drum pounds away, and Bruce gives us his all.


Calamity J.A.N. said...

tears of joy in the dpl lab!

all that's missing is little miss lily

cute kills said...

Now you understand the real reason that I work with kids — mind control.

Anonymous said...

This is just great! :)