Saturday, May 9, 2009


Thank you Erin Nicole Johnson for documenting this "performance"

The above image is of me, during my 8 hour stint as a "slow-materialized-RSS Feed" which consisted of me sitting in my exhibition adding to that drawing you see me working on, drawing facebook status updates, tweets, blog posts, general examples of language customization as they were published to the internet.

Final critique is done.
I am not.


Alice Pattullo said...

holy shit colin. you did this by hand??your insane. but its looking suhweet.

DJ Toxic Shock Syndrome said...

u shoulda wore a suit out of newspaper

jenny. said...

congratulations, mannn! looks really good. did you document the 8 hours with video? i'd like to see that. not the full 8 hours. but you get the gist.

Rob said...

looks fucking sweet! hope you're well.
I wish I could be with you guys this evening to celebrate. have a goooood time!