Thursday, July 10, 2008


10 supporting points


Perfectly placed, immediately after "THE MIDDLE OF THE FILM" This gloriously absurd, and tremendously funny sketch introduces the best half of the film, and reminds you that the Pythons that are Monty, are masters of numerous forms of comedy.

9 & 8.
"Oh what a frightfully witty song" indeed, that song, (the number 9 reason) acts as the perfect segway to one of my favorite scenes in the whole film. I realized while watching it, that this is possibly where my adoration and appreciation for the hilarity that is vomit stemmed from.

One of the most famous numbers from this comedy/musical masterpiece, this song is gold through and through, and the cherry on top is the little conversation at the end, amongst the "fiercely proud Protestant couple".

Towards the end (naturally) we are graced with this scene; there is something magical about watching this as one of the only yanks in a crowd of at least 40 people, but the crowning moment of this scene is undoubtedly the wry smile from a cross dressing Michael Palin at about 5:13 when he thinks he has stumped the Grim Reaper. A fun piece of trivia I picked up from Russell while watching this: Palin's little aside at the end, claiming that he didn't eat the salmon was an improvisation.

5. & 4.
The animation in this film is not only beautiful, and original, but it too seems to have had a fair influence on our contemporary scene. I would argue that, everyone's favorite genre of illustration and installation, Post-postmodernism draws heavily from the aesthetic of Minneapolis' Own Terry Gilliam. So the beautiful animation, and its influence on Post-postmodernism, comprise reasons 4 & 5. (The above example is not the best, just do yourself a YouTube (anyone ever heard of this sweet site?!) search of Terry Gilliam Animation) and see what he is capable of.

Mariam said that she would get the 3D gridded woman giving birth tattooed on her, I think that my next drawing will be of that, and I'd like to make a bunch of drawings/pieces based on this movie, but this part is just amazing. The whole song is just too incredible for words, its wit, accuracy, commentary, and honesty and educational value; you really must appreciate this one.


I can't say for certain that present day comedy wouldn't be anything like it is without this film, but I can say that for as heavily as Family Guy has borrowed from The Simpsons, everyone has borrowed from Monty Python. It has birthed (see the 3-D gridded birth scene from the film to have a visual of what this entails) nearly every endorphin-enducing film since the mid 70's (even though this film came out in 1983, MP has been nailing comedy since the late 60's)


Primary Colored, topless women in proper safety gear, chasing a man off of a cliff, fulfilling his wishes in execution method. Ah-men.

There is nothing like re-watching a film and discovering that it is still everything you remember, and much much more, I have always said this is my favorite MP flick, and I stand firm that this one has it all.


Anonymous said...

Funny you should post this...I just borrowed this movie from my Australian friend, and had a good ol time reliving it. Sadly, though, it was pretty scratched and not all of the scenes would play. I'm working on getting a good copy but the Taiwanese Blockbuster sucks nuts.

Honorable mention to your list: the short feature before the film. Capitalism and old pirates. Constant data feed. wahoo.

notions & potions said...

I have never seen this movie. Clearly I am a lost and terrible soul. I'm sorry to have let you down...

On a brighter note! I just got done eating VEGEMITE on toast with tomatoes and cheese and an egg on top. You say no way? I say waaay. Dylan will be pleased.