Monday, March 15, 2010

Homesickness from home

I have been missing Minneapolis lately. I have really been missing my friends there. But more truthfully, probably, I have really been missing my friends and myself when we were all there...together

Please don't read this this the wrong way; I'm besotted with my new city, and the people who inhabit it. They are wonderful, they are talented, they are supportive, loving, and in every sense of the word, beautiful.

I am a boy with his heart in two places at once. Or perhaps its not in either of the places I think it is, and instead in the boarder-less dream of a transient existence.

Spurred by nothing obvious I have been having an insatiable craving to spend a night biking my former city of Minneapolis Minnesota. As in previous rides this one could contain a backpack with a few Black Labels, a camera, a time frame of 1am-6am and only a very rough notion of the trail to take.

Since I can't take this journey this second, I'd like to share a few of my favorite photographs of Minneapolis, all of which were taken on a bike ride much like I've spent the day dreaming about (and these past few moments describing).

A night-time view from the always beautiful Stone Arch Bridge

A night-time view from Minnehaha falls Falls

A Wintery view from that majestic Stone Arch Bridge

Again from the Stone Arch at the ruins and the Gold Medal Flour lights

A Minneapolis skyline. Shot for a project with my favorite LA resident

That Minneapolis skyline, from my old neighborhood

Candy & MPLS... Again from the DCL & CST collab.

That very Stone Arch Bridge.


≥CHELSEY said...

i can see why you miss it. it's beautiful.

justin_mckinley said...

mpls misses you too... i'll snap some pix on my bike so you don't forget the details.

terese said...

I feel the same so the same. It brings such comfort to see these images! Thanks for sharing. We'll all be back there soon, somehow, maybe in spirit!

Millie Scarlett Davies said...

thanks for the lovely pictures, i miss minneapolis a lot its an amazing place full of amazing people, made me smile :)

Sara said...

I don't know if you remember this or not, but I was just reminiscing about the night ride a bunch of us took pretty early on fall semester of last year. I think to date its still one of my best memories.

I hope Australia is treating you well and that all is good.

JDR said...

I know exactly how you feel, there's nowhere else in the world like Minneapolis, and it still informs my perceptions. Thanks for the pics.

Dylan C. Lathrop said...

Someday again, DCL x CST in MPLS, Black Labels warming on our backs, the river rushing beneath our feet.

HMH said...

I miss you too, and all my great friends that have left this great city!

Owen Dennis! said...

I was all like "whatever" until there was the picture of the 3rd ave. bridge. Then my heart went all aflutter. I guess I <3 the little things I didn't think about the most versus the the gold medal flour building and such. Now I wanna drive in Nick's car to McDonalds at 2am, buy a bunch of double cheeseburgers, eat in the parking lot at -15 degrees, and talk about girls. THA LIFE.

jeruk said...

Wow amazing. I like the second pict.
Thanks for sharing the picts.
Mancing Gembira